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From Ivan Krasko wife Natasha has left - has met old love

Remember a phrase « High! High relations! – from a film « Pokrovsk gate »? It appears, such relations happen not only at cinema, but also in life. They now rather were useful to Ivan Krasko and his wife Natasha.

about whom - whom, and about this family and to think such it was impossible: the wife from whom the actor has lived ten years which has given birth to it of two wonderful sons of Vanju and Fedju in happy marriage, was fond of other man!

And nevertheless it is the fact. News already with might and main discuss in the Petersburg theatrical environment. Colleagues on actor`s shop sympathise with Ivan Ivanovichu and denounce Natasha. A pier, it was necessary to think, when married the person for 47 years is more senior. In September Krasko will be executed 81 year. But the actor perfectly well looks, years on twenty is more younger.

When the father in a city - sons always with it

this pair very harmoniously Looked. For the time being not « broke » and Natasha. She underlined that the husband is given it by God. They got married in church. Yes, apparently, not all can be expected.

- I do not denounce her, - absolutely quiet voice without signs of secret spiritual unrests Ivan Ivanovich when we have phoned to him to Minsk on shootings has told. – At me former relations with it. At us in a family that`s OK.

- That is you after such step from its party have saved friendship?  

Ivan Krasko: We are fine. I now in Minsk on shootings, and children with it

- Certainly! She to me has given birth two boys. How I can roll on it a butt? It is more than that, I am assured that it will have done with the youthful follies and will return. Ljusja Chursina has met me and asks: « Well, thy - that has returned or not? ». I respond: « While is not present ». – « you Wait »? – « Certainly! » I think, at it it will pass all.

As has explained «» Ivan Krasko, its favourite Natasha has met old, still young love. And … again was fond of this person.

Natalia and Ivan Krasko still recently were considered as one of the strongest married couples of a Petersburg theatrical party.

Has come and admitted it to the husband.

- And I have told that I on - former love you, - tells Krasko.   - Business young, you have on this right, you the free person …

children have not suffered also. While the actor on work, they with Natasha and its new - the old friend. And when the father in a city – with it on a summer residence.

Here it also is called high relations.