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In the South Ural children`s camps food rules

In the second change (July) in the Chelyabinsk area are again broken worked 272 summer improving establishments. The number having a rest has passed for 30 thousand. As has shown medical inspection, 89,3 % of children not only had a rest, but also have got healthy. The weak improving effect is noted at 8,4 %, and at 2,3 % — without changes.

the Main thing — that became worse not. After all there were different cases. But only not in this change. Here all has done without state of emergency: anybody, fortunately, has not sunk, a foot - a hand has not broken also the tick has not picked up. The most terrible, what`s happened with kiddies, — a chicken pox and cutting deprive. But these cases are individual.

And here without infringements on kitchen has not managed. As have informed in supervision department on hygiene of children and teenagers Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora on the Chelyabinsk area, were not observed both technology of cooking, and weight of portions, both a drinking mode, and a mode of washing of ware. Products were without markirovochnyh shortcuts, that is an unknown origin. And results of laboratory researches of dishes with which fed children, have appeared unsatisfactory. For it of camp are fined in total on 314 600 roubles.