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Near Belgorod has to death broken 42 - the summer motorcyclist

On Saturday, on July, 23rd, in road accident three persons were lost. In the city of Valujki in the street Sokolov under car wheels the pensioner has got. 46 - the summer driver « the eleventh » has not sustained a distance and has brought down 56 - the summer bicyclist. From the received traumas the man has died on the spot failures.

in the Evening of the same day in village peschanka New Oskolsky area the scooter has broken. Under the preliminary information, 42 - the summer motorcyclist too hurried up. The scooter has in full operation rammed signposts at moving. The driver was lost on a place of accident, and   28 - the summer passenger has got to regional hospital.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday on a line of Olshanka - Chernjanka 21 - the summer driver « the seven » has brought down the pedestrian. 29 - the summer woman has died on the spot incidents.

- the Motorist was sober. It is now established, for what reason there was this failures, - has told « the captain of militia Vladimir Dubinin, the inspector of management of traffic police UMVD of Russia across the Belgorod region.