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In Kamensk - Uralsk the schoolboys exhausted with a heat steal ice-cream

In Kamensk - Uralsk hot weather provokes weak a body and spirit to crimes. A booth « Ice-cream » located at a public transport stop in the street Suvorov, 24 past Saturday it was closed too early. That is, it was closed in time, but is not adequate early for such warm day. Some   had time to notice that unsold ice-cream remains more many.

approximately at half past ten p.m. three young children have destroyed a jalousie and have got in a booth. It would be desirable nothing minors, but only some treasured ice-cream. Hardly pulled out boxes from a stall, hardly dragged in a secluded place dark streets.   vigilance was shown by the witness of illegal intrusion, 28 - the summer guy. Having caught sight of leaving backs of pilferers, has informed on them in OVD. Has passed not 40 minutes much more,   When the dress of department of private security has overtaken the small wretch - at the house 30 in the street Suvorov.

the Fifteen-year eighth-grader nearly has not choked on a delicacy, when to it over an ear proorali: « to Stand, not to move! ».  

  - the minor is detained and delivered in OVD, - tell in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kamensk - Ural. – it denies that got into a booth. Says that has met unfamiliar boys (its contemporaries) who already went with ice-cream boxes.

Now the police checks acquaintances of the eighth-grader. It and its dexterous friends is threatened with statement on the account in PDN . If, of course, they already there do not consist. Well and parents will indemnify a loss.