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Magnitogorets has bitten the policeman

the Conflict has occurred, when the patrolman has asked the drunk inhabitant of Magnitogorsk Nikolay Moseeva to drive in branch. The hooligan broke a public order: nadravshis in an insole, it stood in the middle of street and swore at passers-by. The policeman has demanded Moseeva to pass to an official car. But that has refused and has tried to run. The guard has caught up with the infringer and that it did not resist, wanted to break to it a hand for a back. However Moseev has dodged and has bitten the patrolman for a little finger. To the aid of the victim its colleagues have appeared in time. The brawler have braided and delivered in a call centre.

Concerning the man criminal case under article 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation « has been brought; Application of violence concerning the representative of the power in connection with execution of functions by it ». The arrested person completely recognised the fault. The sting has appeared is not life-threatening also health of the policeman. As a result instead of the maximum punishment in the form of five years of imprisonment the criminal has received softer sentence — one and a half year of imprisonment it is conditional.