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SsangYong Actyon: Road the young!

«Active &Young» («For active and young») - so the title of next “recruit“ in SsangYong rule is deciphered. Why this car is oriented on such audiences?
than it differs from other machines of the Korean producer and than is similar to known “Europeans“, we and tried to find out, taking on SsangYong Actyon test.

the Design of any SsangYong is capable to call discussion on a theme «communication of appearance of the machine with its success in the market». What it is better for the company behind which back there is no centenary experience of production of passenger automobiles and - accordingly - tens the cult models, one fact of occurrence of which new generation forces the client to leave money?

to do goods, in all (including in design) patterning the world standards? Or to give scandalous patterns? SsangYong with selection was, seemingly, determined …

Here and Actyon appeared before us the next sample of expressional design who hurts the eyes the bulbous cowling, a sticking out radiator grating and absolutely incomprehensible kind head lamps - a such circle in a triangle. It is possible not to know, which model before you, but doubts that is SsangYong, is not present any.

but stop! What so reminds Actyon behind? Where I saw this geometry of the rear door and lanterns? Same Ford Focus hatchback! Do not believe - compare!

if to be exact it is impossible to consider design of SsangYong Actyon Korean. As well as models Kyron, Musso and Korando, the car is a fruit of creativity of known British Ken Grinli. Earlier he headed faculty of transport design of Royal college of arts in London which, in turn, “answers“ for some models of Aston Martin and Bentley.

Well and Musso became the greatest achievement of the artist during its activity on SsangYong company: the car received a number of awards in 1994 and 1996 Strangely enough, prizes gave in native for Ken Britanii …

Despite absolutely unique appearance, necessity to present Actyon as absolutely new model, generally speaking, is not absolutely obvious. Made on one base with Kyron, it and technically, and an interior is very similar to “relative“.

the Prices

SsangYong Actyon costs from 769 000 rbl. for an all-wheel drive crossover with the 2.3-litre petrol 150-strong motor and a manual transmission. Airbags of the driver and the passenger also are actuated in base equipment, ABS, rear differential of the increased friction, climate control, an electropackage, the control surface booster, audiopreparing. The car with “automatic control unit“ is accessible beginning from 809 000 rbl., and with a 2.0-litre diesel the engine costs from 796 000 rbl.

And there, here again - a frame, a connected all wheel drive and the two-litre 141-strong diesel motor (Actyon, truth, offers also a 2.3-litre 150-strong petrol engine). So, «Active &Young» it is possible to explain occurrence substantially desire of the producer to “flash“ one more version of expressional design from SsangYong.

however, one difference is significant enough: Actyon is shorter on 15 these centimetres see Also “are stolen“ at a luggage compartment therefore at the spread out rear seats of a place remains hardly - as the floor here (not clearly, from what reasons) is raised rather highly.

it is visible, young, active and brawny the luggage compartment, and furthermore - its altitude above ground should interest to a lesser degree. Thus a road gleam not God knows what: 20 see This fact, together with smaller clearances, probably, also allows the producer to consider Actyon as the car for a city and for asphalt in much bigger degree, than other SsangYongs.

impressions of driving on it do not become revelation. Especially for those who drove other SsangYongs. Unless boost can seem to more vigorous though the reason of it is not obvious: on weight Actyon and Kyron almost do not differ.

nevertheless, 310 Nanometers of the maximum torque, sharply beginning to creak rubber, called flashing of the yellow gauge on priborke: rear wheels lost contact piece to road. The drive gear becomes complete when the circular spacer-regulator is installed in a mode 4H. In that case the engine output will be “raspolovinena“ between front and rear wheels.

and the frame is a frame. Even on equal asphalt it cannot ensure absolutely smooth driving, warranting jerks and potrjahivanija. She allows to feel confidently on country roads. And the high centroid, “thoughtfulness“ of a steering and delay of answers of a landing gear on actions of the driver oh force to feel ­ uncertainly. Especially on asphalt.

that can offer SsangYong Actyon? As we already marked, nontrivial design and worthy quality. We do not forget about the interesting price (less than 800 000 rbl.) in a basic set and, at last, about economy of time - Actyon it is not necessary to wait. Simply come and buy!

in the todays automobile validity ­ this advantage hardly probable does not overbalance all remaining.

the car on the test is granted by the company «Aksel the Line», the official dealer of SsangYong.