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The Parisian secrets-3: leaders you will not name, in outsiders you will not write down

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In their Russia semi-annual turns do not wait, they do not warrant five unit digits of sales, concerning many is yet clear, whether they will be on sale at us officially. However, all of them equally find the admirers. The next review of Kolesa.R is offered to your attention. From Paris.

Chevrolet Cruze – a convenient inexpensive sedan which takes the place among the same colleagues GM. Truth is calculated this machine for Europe, the North America and Asia. Most likely, we in our market do not see this car, but we can gain its double under the brand of Daewoo which will be implemented in the Asian market, and as at new factory near St.-Petersburg.

Popular outside of our country, and cheap Dacia Logan MCV received not only the renovated appearance and an interior, but, at last, and Russian residence permit. Car clearances changed slightly, as well as interior proportions. In Russia production of the versatile person will be adjusted in Tolyatti.

former Ford Ka had not many admirers, but that were, increase new – valued New Ford Ka. The kinetic design changed model, and now it from « a bear cub » turned to the confident competitor of Peugeot 107. Plans of sales in Russia at Ford are not present (while anyway). The model in Poland together with soplatformennikom Fiat 500 will be effected.

Honda Jazz breaks popularity records in the homeland, and in Russia got used to high-power sedans of the Japanese brand more. Prospects of sales in our country not the most iridescent, for certain this small hatch-back from Japan at least will be not cheaper than the schoolmates that lays down it in not the most expedient conditions. About details of conquest of the Russian market we learn after March of 2009 when sales begin.

Lexus in Russia – it, first of all an off-road car or a representative sedan, and cabriolets and at all on the fan, therefore the future of model IS250C is very foggy. Neither budgetary Ford Focus CC nor more expensive Volvo C70 did not beat records of sales, and IS250C – selection of units, but also they should take turns already now though the machine appears only by the summer.

Mazda MX 5 received the renovated design and layout, and as identifying title Miata. This roadster in Russia is preferred by representatives of young generation so demand for the machine will be, but limited, as on any machines with strongly expressed individuality. Since spring of 2009 of Mazda MX 5 Miata becomes accessible Russian buyers.

renovated Mitsubishi Colt received stylisation « under Lancer X ». Appearance change strongly changed the car, earlier not got special respect of consumers because of unusual design, now neiskljucheno that sales of new generation increase. In a rule new Colt are available, both former engines, and new economic 1,1 l. Sales start in Europe in this autumn, the information on sales in Russia is not available yet.

a new cabriolet from Peugeot « grew on edinichku » also it began to be called 308 CC. Now in the machine rigidity is increased, and head-rests got a special heating system of a neck that allows to increase a temperature range of operation of the machine without « top ». However, the roof is uncovered all for 20 seconds that opens access to a small luggage compartment. When the premiere in Russia takes place it is yet known, but we will hope prior to the beginning of a beach season.

Renault tries to intrude in the world of luxury cars and created Laguna Coupe. With appearance kontsepta 2007 adapted under appearance of the serial model Laguna Coupe received two high-power engines on 235 and 240 h.p. and obviously hints, on the youth audience which has been not burdened by a family, things and feeling of rest.

Subaru expanded a rule of engines for Forester new two-litre … diesel oppozitnym Boxter 147 h.p. of the Manual transmission with which this machine will be completed, do not exclude pleasantly low price on this modification. To check it it will be already possible in the end of autumn of this year.

Toyota as decided to effect the attack to the European market of minicars. The Parisian premiere of serial IQ it is obvious about it testifies. The European sales possibly start in the end of this year when the machine appears in the Russian market (and whether appears in general) it is yet known. Hardly there will be many interested persons to gain small (less than 3 metres) low-power (68 h.p.) the low car on traditional not the most modest « tojotovskoj » to the price.

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