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Top Tyres: the Most remarkable and outstanding tyres

the Very first in the history of the tyre appeared before car creation! In 1845 Englishman Thompson patented the surprising invention – leather protective covers on wheels for softening of jerkiness of crew. Inside they jammed elastic rubber belts and fastened to rims by means of 70 outsets on everyone.

Thompsons tyres have been shown and tested in operation at the London industrial exhibition of 1846 – tested the invention found that driving on a cobblestone road became much more comfortable.

the very first pneumatics on the car – it tyres “Ìèøëåí“ , installed on Peugeot 1884 with the engine of 4 h.p. This machine shared in race Paris – Bordeaux on which extent of the tyre it was necessary to change 22 times. Nevertheless Peugeot on “tyre“ from 19 participants took 9 place.

the greatest tyres in the world – These are tyres Bridgestone 59/80 R63 V-Steel E-Lug S and Michelin 59/80 R63 XDR , intended for career dump trucks cargo capacity of 380-400 tons. The sizes of tyres impress – so, everyone bridzhstounovsky the giant reaches 4.02 metres in altitude, 1.47 metres in a diameter, and weighs 5.1 tons.

the most small tyres at micromodels from “Nippondenso“ – an acting copy of a sedan Toyota AA 1936. The tiny machine equipped with an electric motor includes in a length about 4.8 mms, thus wheel size of the baby – about 0.8 mms.

the most expensive serial tyres Pirelli Scorpion Zero the size 345/60R17 a high speed category V (to 240 km/h), they were initially developed for Lamborghini LM002 off-road car. Their guiding price – about $900 for the tyre. Among more mass tyres for usual passenger automobiles the first line of a price is taken by tyres Michelin Pilot Sport of the size 225/45R18 high speed category Y (to 300 km/h) which stand about $600.

the high-speed tyres , certificated for motion on public roads – these are tyres Continental ContiSport Contact 2Vmax , intended for driving at speed to 360 km/h. Base for production of this wreath of the current technologies was already checked model ContiSport Contact 2, improving which high speed capabilities engineers Continental and created this racing miracle.

the most silent tyres as specialists consider and show various sensings and testings, – these are tyres Yokohama series AVS . Also high parametres of acoustic comfort tyres Pirelli P6 and Goodyear Eagle NCT-5 differ.

the Most non-polluting tyres manufactures Nokian Tyres . As a part of a rubber mix of the tyres the company completely excluded such typical “bus“ chemical element, as the polyaromatic jointings recognised harmful to environment. Instead of them Nokian uses a mix on harmless to the nature rapsovom oil. However, ecological compatibility at all does not drop road performance of the tyre, and opposite – thanks to a new mix lower drag coefficient to rolling and the improved hooking with road is reached.

the low-profile tyres were shown Dunlop , by staffed Opel Astra Coupe OPC X-treme tyres 305/25-ZR20 on a rear axle and 265/30-ZR20 on front wheels. With it argues Continental with “nuclear-powered“ 2Vmax with which tyres having the sizes 235/30 ZR 20 and 305/25 ZR 20, tuning studio Techart equipped the loaded Porsche Boxster. Does not yield and Pirelli, offering in gamma of models Pzero Direzionale and Pirelli Pzero Assimetrico such type sizes, as 355/25 R19 and 345/25 R20.

company Matador suggests to put the Most individual tyres on the car. This producer renders Europeans unusual service – deposition on bokovinu tyres by industrial method of any inscriptions at will of the customer: titles of corporation, a name of the holder of the machine, a name of his wife (mother-in-law), a wise aphorism – most shortly that will be located, except obscene expressions. Thus the inscription is put instead of own matadorovskogo titles. So it is possible to play the friend easily: To show it the name on tyres, telling that here supposedly “opened here small bus zavodik“ …

the Most futuristic tyres offered Michelin . Called Tweel these conceptual wheels of the future of general have no anything with usual tyres. In a structure they remind bicycle wheels and represent the space construction entirely executed from rubber in which flexible “spokes“ are bridged to flexible “rim“. Designers already tested Tweel on cars of Audi A4 and found that testing yielded the most promising results.