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Čňîăč-2008: that took off, caught

the Rating of citations of year under the gantry version People who as obliges should communicate with the press, sometimes say such that is better they would be silent. And sometimes their words determine destinies of the whole branches. Rummaged in memory, we chose 10 brightest phrases said in past year. as we recommend to read:
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1. Head Italian avtomobilestroitelnogo concern FIAT Serdzhio Marchionne:
« the Global economic crisis leads to mass reduction of figure of the autocompanies in the world. In two years in the world there will be one American autocompany, one German, one ex-Japanese, one Chinese, one Japanese and one European ».

As they say, all it would be ridiculous, when would not be so sadly. It would not be desirable even to live till those times when all over the world remains only 6 (six!) Motor-car manufacturers …

2. The head of Federal road agency Oleg Belozerov:

«to construct a necessary network (roads), by miscellaneous estimations, it is necessary to 50 trillion roubles as a whole on all road net of the Russian Federation, including municipal and regional roads».

And here it is necessary to be determined still, on what more effectively to spend such money: on a construction of roads or on training of fools?

3. The minister of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation Victor Khristenko - to Prime minister Vladimir Putin:

«the Request not to delay decision-making on raise of import custom duties on second-hand foreign cars. This document - the extremely sensitive for branch development».

Vladimir Vladimirovich to tighten with the solution and did not become. Result - mass protests from Ural Mountains to the Far East and blocked off protesting at five oclock traffic in Vladivostok. Perhaps it was necessary to think?

4. The mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov:

«It is necessary to recycle those vegetative cultures and components which are not linked with grain, used in food. We start production of bioethanol from straw. From one ton of straw it is possible to effect 250 litres of bioethanol».

Who knows: can, the capital town governor indeed found a source of cheap fuel? However its words very strongly associate with speeches about advantage of corn …

5. The head of Federal Agency of the control of a narcotics trafficking Victor Ivanov:

«Today narcotics to gain as it is simple, as well as any food. Drivers-addicts became the present disaster in Russia».

The one who thought that the main disaster in Russia is a drunkenness at the wheel and bad roads, cruelly was mistaken …

6. The minister of integration of the African state Uganda Nsaba Buturo:

«What not so with miniskirts? They can become a cause of accident as some our inhabitants morally are weak».

Morally, can, and are weak, and here which in what the friend - are definitely strong, if miniskirts become the reason of the increased breakdown susceptibility on roads.

7. Ratan Tata, the head of company Tata:

«First I planed to construct the car on the basis of the scooter that its passengers suffered at fall» less.

In general when you would know from what rubbish there are cars …

8. Alain Prost, the 4-fold world champion on an auto racing in a class “Formula-1“:

«to Operate modern bolids F1 it became very simple. It is similar on PlayStation …»

That Lewis Hemilton when benefited the World championship of 2008 made? If to believe Prostu, switched off PlayStation.

9. Head of the Scottish police Joe Grant:

«the Question on, whether it is necessary to permit to policemen to sit with suffering excess weight in usual passenger automobiles, moreover at complete equipment, remains opened. All business in weighting limits, it is necessary to study them».

Really all corpulent policemen in Scotland on auto trucks transplant?

10. The substitute of the general director «petroleum Gazprom» Vadim Jakovlev:

«the schedule Offered by the Russian authorities on an exit in 2009 on standards Euro-3 is unrealistic. Now there are no economic incentives for fulfilment of the set purposes, and there are only standard requirements ».

it is interesting, what economic incentives force Europeans, at the average, each five years to toughen ecological norms?