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Test drive of Mitsubishi Lancer X: hundred forty four (+видео!!!)

It is presented to your attention of video of test drive of this car that you could understand character of this machine to the full.

Hundred forty four - so much horses are dispersed on this lawn. One is peacefully grazed at the left, others hundred forty three – on the right - rotate a handwheel of the new 1.8-litre engine X.

Cars with the engine 1.8 became accessible to Russians since spring of 2008. In at one time with the new power unit in sale 2.0-litre sedans with an all wheel drive, and also the expanded picking arrived. With the advent of the new motor of Mitsubishi to a limit expanded a capability of selection for the client deliberating over purchasing Lancer. Now three types of engines (1.5, 1.8, 2.0) are possible, two types of a drive gear (front and complete), just about there arrives the second body type (hatchback) …

External the car can be received for 2.0-litre in version Intense – All because of an aerodynamic weather-cloth similar at first sight. But each detail of the aerowhale installed on the test car, differs from elements of that package in which it is usual « it is dressed » a sedan 2.0 Intense. The rear apron under a bumper is especially effective: it seems, I guess, what for to it a moulding under two silencers. Not far off « Эво-10 » …

are staffed

With approach of this year Mitsubishi revised equipment of cars delivered to us. Now all front-wheel versions Lancer with the engine of 2.0 l are equipped with yaw direction stability system, and modification 2.0 Intense actuates rain sensors and a light, and also air shutters of security. Also, there was a new version of picking Lancer 2.0 Intense + CVT, equipped with a variator in which the kit indicated above comfort and security means is added by a leather lining of seats.

the Interior of the machine taken on the test anything especial from earlier appeared in market Lancer does not differ. On the 2.0-litre car it is better than a seat sprofilirovany, in remaining to interior of claims is not present. Even despite lacking longitudinal resetting of a steering tube conveniently it is possible to take seat. Wide lateral mirrors grant the excellent review, and their resetting is executed from a drivers arm-rest on the internal knob of a door.

so: acquaintance Lancer with new to itself, but the motor known to us (« a thumbpiece » transferred from the same Dodge Caliber, which « shared » and the two-litre engine – all of them from series World Engine). One of advantages of the new motor – it is dynamics. A variance in boost with the 2.0-litre version – only 0.7 seconds in advantage bolshego on volume. It in dispute of machines with variators. And with « mechanics » the 1.8-litre sedan appears already on 0.7 seconds Faster 2.0-litre Lancer c stepless CVT. As to a top speed it differs on 8 km/h (1.8 and 2.0, both with CVT) and at both cars goes out far for frameworks admissible on a highway...

Besides, the new motor – it is economy. The prices for cars in identical pickings Intense CVT with motors 1.8 and 2.0 differ on 56 and a half thousand rbl. – that is approximately on annual value of policies of MTPL and the HULL INSURANCE! Moreover, 1.8-litrovik versions « are much more economic; 2.0 »: in the commixed cycle the variance constitutes half-litre, and in a city cycle and at all litre on « one hundred »!

And in completion of enumeration of advantages new « a thumbpiece » - lobes of hand-operated switching of invented speeds of a variator. Aluminium lobes – the device pleasant to many modern motorists. Useless for dynamics, but improbably interesting from the point of view of driving: Whether everyone can switch speed without tearing off hands from a control surface?!


is equipped with the All wheel drive Lancer X with the engine of 2.0 l (150 h.p.) 5-step MKPP or a variator. Transmission represents multimode all-wheel drive transmission « On demand 4WD » with electronic control and automatic connection of a rear wheel drive at a slipping of front wheels. By means of the switch-washer driver Lancer 4WD can choose one of three operational modes of transmission: 2WD, 4WD and Lock. The first – for economy, second – for wet road, and the third – ensures the big traction at low speeds.

a running gear at Lancer 1.8 – as at polutorolitrovogo ». The increased road gleam and the same elevation over road on 165 mms. A successful kit for driving on bad roads: on irregular and from time to time strongly damaged asphalt you understand advantages of the is comfortable-oriented suspension. However, it not all it « pluses »: Lancer confidently costs on a straight line, firmly and resolutely makes blurred routine transpositions. Differently, in regular situations it is very good. Another matter, cases emergency when it is simple « well » – there is not enough … For example, when the layer of good asphalt meets not more often than through way kilometre. And then even improbably power-intensive suspension Lancer ceases to please with comfort and demands to decelerate motions practically to the foot.

Lancer 1.8 – the car strategically correct. It is cheaper, more economic, more comfortable than modification 2.0 and at the same time faster and more effectively the base 1.5-litre version. Means – all it 143 « horses » necessarily will are claimed.