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The most stolen foreign cars

the Representative of department of criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Maksimov reported to “Russian news service» that BMW cars, Audi and Toyota are the most stolen in Russia.

as he said, there are two most widespread methods of thefts of expensive foreign cars. In the first case stealing custom-make. «in this case even before stealing on the machine prepare duplicates of all necessary documents, and criminals need to change only numbers kuzovnyh details» , - told Maxims. After that the car is on sale by proxy on condition that the machine will not strike any more off the register.

the second situation is when the machine «in opened» take at the automobile owner on road or parking. In that case it within days distillate in other region, (as a rule, on the south of Russia) for the subsequent sale.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the profit of criminal groupings which are engaged in stealing of machines, constitutes 5-10 thousand dollars from each machine. Thus the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not begin to fetch statistics of stealings.