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The state does not refuse a policy of preservation of car industry in 2010

the Minister of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation Victor Khristenko (a photo in heading) in interview « to the Russian newspaper » told about the present and the future of domestic car industry.

answering a question on the reasons of fall of industrial production in Russia (from the beginning of year it constituted 12 %), Khristenko as its unique reason called crisis. That backwardness and slowness of productions introduced to it the contribution, the minister denies.

Khristenko marked that sales volume on a car market « fell to volumes of 2005 (by the way then the price for petroleum was same, as now). We then sold 1,4 million car and in 2009 - as much. The conclusion is simple. In Russia a correlation coefficient of demand for cars with the prices for petroleum - unit ».

Speaking about effect of the state on sales of cars, the minister marked: « In Europe hardly added incentives, and the car market shows growth during crisis, without contracting, and being increased. At all of us it is much more difficult ». It is interesting that is meant words « much more difficult »? What the state (and, first of all, Minpromenergo) showed the incompetence?

the program of preferential autocrediting became the unique real measure which has rendered though any effect on the market. However even under plans of the ministry its annual volume constituted only 100 thousand machines, and in a reality went out also that less: according to Khristenko, it is now given an order of 65 thousand soft loans.

free transportation of the Russian Railway of cars of a domestic production to the Far East became the second governmental program implemented in this year. Here a total failure. Some thousand machines have been transported all, and that majority of them rusts in Far East warehouses. The preferential autocredit did not help also. But errors taught nothing our ministers – next year free transportations is planed to continue.

meanwhile, Victor Khristenko values a state role very highly. « if the state did not undertake measures, the break-even sales level of a car and their production in the Russian market would be twice less, than today » - he considers. It is interesting, how at the minister with arithmetics? 700 thousand « additional » cars it is not received in any way even taking into account the state order – there the bill goes on ten thousand. Or Khristenko speaks about financial volume and means expensive prestigious limousines which buy to officials, and which representatives of all branches of the Russian power buy on the money received in the form of bribes? Then digits can converge.

and it is unlikely that the government of failure of programs of stimulation of autosales of this year to something taught. « We hope that at the expense of bonuses at salvaging of the old machine it will be possible to stimulate sales to 200 thousand domestic passenger machines » - tells Khristenko. Meanwhile, the pilot project of this program presented by Minpromtorgom showed its complete unacceptability for dealers. Or and it has been conceived that the program « under pressure » dealers of AvtoVAZ will implement exclusively? And then, probably, their losses cover at the expense of the next injection in treasury of the Volga car factory of money from the state budget.

as one more measure of support of domestic car industry of Khristenko considers the exclusion for operation of the commercial cars which age exceeds 15 years. « on legkovushkam it will not be » - the minister assured. However, it is not necessary to rejoice – prohibitive measures enjoy in the government special love.

In particular, on a question on, whether there will be a situation with high tolls on foreign cars invariable, Khristenko gave quite certain answer. « yes. We consider that made all absolutely correctly and in time. Especially concerning second-hand cars. Russia should not be a waste tip for world car industry » - he stated. It is interesting, whether the minister reflected on, why many inhabitants of Russia of the newcomer « the Harmony » prefer the car « from a waste tip »?

I Will mark that, speaking about tolls, the minister a word did not mention a situation, usual after education of Customs union as a part of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. And, meanwhile, it can negatively affect the Russian car market.

It seems that the government intends « to please » not only buyers, but also the foreign autoproductions existing in Russia. « Unconditionally, the technique according to localisation demands refinement, corrective amendments. We now are engaged in it » - Khristenko told. And something suggests that hardly the authorities will be liberalizirovat game rules to help motor-car manufacturers to endure crisis – more likely on the contrary.

Khristenkos Special attention gave Kaliningrad « to the Autotorus ». As he said, factory « uses " white stains " the Russian legislation » and at it « there are no bonds, this purely contract production for foreign motor-car manufacturers ». It seems that the factory should struggle again for the existence as was couple of years back.

In the interview Victor Khristenko mentioned again second « Russian-foreign » an alliance which will be formed in the near future. In judgement Finamauto , it is a question of a triumvirate in a railroad train « Groups GAZ » Magna International and General Motors.

speaking about the future of the first alliance – AvtoVAZ + Renault, the minister reported that a medium-term development programme of AvtoVAZ, which Renaults-Nissans and the Volga car factory prepare in March. In April the destiny of 38 billions roubles which remain after setting off of a tranche of the state support in 12 billion rbl. Doubtfully will be decided that AvtoVAZ drags without the aid of these governments four months – the outlined money hardly suffices to pay off debts to suppliers of accessories.

« anyway, it will not be scattering of means from the helicopter » - stated Khristenko, meaning AvtoVAZ state financing. If the government scatters means from a cart (and this mode of transport corresponds to slowness of the Russian bureaucracy more), the situation hardly changes for the better.

Special attention in Khristenkos interview gave to successes of the Russian car market – past and, certainly, future. « we are assured that the passenger segment strong rises on legs by 2015, the sales volume will be increased to 3,2-3,4 million car. And by 2020 steadily we go out on 3,6 million sold machines, can, even it is more » - the minister optimistically stated. Probably, all it is formed by itself. Anyway, in the near future we hardly hear something distinct concerning that the government intends to undertake for support of domestic car industry – term of granting of the program of its strategic development is once again transferred.

« crisis for car industry at all costs is good one - it accelerated a mist and illusions » - stated Khristenko. It is difficult to disagree with it – Crisis really to the full showed all lack of talent of the government the Russian automobile industry.

a log-book photo « the Spark »