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Concept cars prefer alternative fuel

Chrysler Concept car ecoVoyager

Chrysler ecoVoyager is four-door, a two-plus-two with strongly pronounced American design. This machine - implementation of spirit of automobile travels - is ideally suited for those who in the car appreciates elegance, simplicity and reliability. In an elegant one-volume body much more space, than at usual kompanovke the engine and a gear box. Chrysler ecoVoyager is arranged by the reinforced litievo-ionic accumulator and a small additional hydrogenous fuel cell. As a result the car cruising range constitutes more than 300 miles, and thus in atmosphere as exhausts the water vapour is thrown out only.

technical characteristics

the Length: 191.2 inches (4856 mms)

Breadth (maks): 75.4 inches (1915 mms)

Altitude: 63 inches (1600 mms)

the Wheelbase: 116 inches (2946 mms)

Dodge ZEO Concept car Dodge ZEO are a four-door, four-seater sports versatile person. In it the bright, indicative design of a brand of Dodge and line of the new, high-power machine of 21 centuries were bridged. It is the car for true fans of the driving, equipped with an electric motor and the litievo-ionic accumulator. The cruising range constitutes not less than 250 miles. Unlike other cars of this class of Dodge ZEO it is arranged by four doors and it is calculated on four passengers. Dodge ZEO is an alloy of functionality and solicitous attitude to environment.

technical characteristics

the Length: 172.8 inches (4390 mms)

Breadth (maks): 68.6 inches (1743 mms)

Altitude: 50.8 inches (1290 mms)

the Wheelbase: 109.9 inches (2792 mms)

Concept car Jeepj Renegade

Jeep Renegade are the sports two-seat crossover of class B intended for any weather and any cover. The open top, the truncated windshield, a safety cage, bores in the doorway and easily cleaned interior - all is the new non-polluting car with minimalisticheskim design. It is intended for those who loves automobile walks on the nature, without putting it a loss. The propulsion system consists of the litievo-ionic accumulator calculated on 40 miles, and small-size diesel engine BLUETEC. And as a result fuel conservaition - more than 110 miles on one gallon is available.

technical characteristics

the Length: 153 inches (3885 mms)

Breadth (maks): 62.9 inches (1598 mms)

Altitude: 56.3 inches (1431 mms)

the Wheelbase: 101.6 inches (2580 mms)