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Ambitious plans KAMAZa

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Analyzers IK “Fajnenshl the Bridge“.

Group of companies KAMAZ plans to increase net profit in 2007 concerning 2006 in 2.6 times to 3.6 mlrd rbl., the general director of a motor-car manufacturer S.Kogogin reported. We remind that following the results of 2006 the company net profit grew in 4.6 times.

thus, KAMAZ continues to use a situation when the competition from foreign producers allows to increase sales volumes. Besides, the company conducts the program of drop of costs, raising profitability which while is at very low level, even in comparison with the Russian motor-car manufacturers.

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Ilya Makarov, the analyzer “Antanta-capital“.

Group of companies KAMAZ plans to increase profit in 2.6 times in 2007 g

As reports Interfax referring to statements of general director KAMAZ of Sergey Kogogina, the group plans century to increase profit in 2.6 times to 3.6 billion rbl. ($136 million) According to the confirmed business plan of the company, the volume of realisation of a commodity output and services of century should constitute 66.8 billion rbl. ($2.5 billion) Thus profitability of sales should constitute 8.7 %.

Lately KAMAZ actively works over cost value drop. Within the limits of it activities on drop of purchase prices on material resources from suppliers are led. The direct agreement with Magnitogorsk metkombinatom has been concluded that allowed to reduce the prices for metal rolling for 15 %. Purchase orders of metal for affiliated companies KaMaZa - the Trailer-kamaz and nefaz for obtaining of the maximum discount for hire have been consolidated.

our equitable price under shares KAMAZ remains $1.75 and we while we recommend to hold them to an exit of the financial reporting for 2006.