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What for to Prokhorov an electromobile?

the Head of group « Oneksim » Michael Prokhorov , considered as the richest businessman of Russia, wants to be taken by autoproduction.

According to the information Reuters , he intends to initiate creation of new autoproduction in Petersburg. The project purpose is extension of the car of a class « With » having guiding price of 8,8 thousand euro. Thus, in judgement Reuters , it is a question of electromobiles.

it is necessary to recognise Prokhorovs idea more than sensible – but only from the political point of view. Really, private investor going to crisis domestic car industry, advancing the advanced technologies (an electromobile – last peep of a marketing fashion), caring of ecology, moreover and supporting one of the main national projects (according to some information, Prokhorov suggests to involve the cars for Olympiad servicing in Sochi). The person with such list of advantages is simply doomed to favour of the authorities. Really, Michael Prokhorovs proposal very much was pleasant to prime minister Vladimir Putin.

However, from the technical and economic points of view the similar project looks, to put it mildly, problemno. First, the stated price contradicts judgement of leading automobile specialists which stressed that the normal car with the electric drive cannot cost less than 15 thousand euro. To refute this statement while Chineses try only.

however, anybody also does not say that « Prokhorovs electromobile » should be normal. It is quite enough to create a certain analogue supercheap Tata Nano. It is possible to remember electrified « to Oka » the couple of years made in America back. At cost of 8-10 thousand dollars it was accelerated to 40 km/h and drove 30 km.

Secondly, the competition in a segment of budgetary cars promises to be in the near future rather rigid. In our market here already there is AvtoVAZ and Renault with model Logan. In the near future them can join with Toyota with « the state employee » Etios, VW with new « the car for Russia » Hyundai, preparing to manufacture a cheap sedan... The List can be continued. To get into this segment, without having reputation, experience, and the main thing – a dealer and service network, can calculate unless naive (and Prokhorov that obviously is not).

Thirdly, autoproduction organisation « from null » (Prokhorov promised to Putin it) – pleasure not from the cheap. Creation of rigorous assembly factory manages in a pair of billions dollars. A plus of costs for development, and also on creation of already mentioned sales and service structures.

However, it concerns to batch production organisation. And here to organise assembly « on a knee » vapours-triples of hundreds machines in a year it is possible without serious investments, a headache with careful study of a construction and technologies, and other problems.

thus the machine with the electric drive though it call fashionable and advanced, thus to do even easier, than usual. It is not necessary to agree about deliveries petrol or the diesel engine which are rather expensive and « have the person ». Who did an electric motor and accumulators, as though and not very well.

in exchange the organizer gets the state support of so perspective program, and also - that is more important - the favourable relation to other branches of the business (« Oneksim » monitors « the Pole Gold » « Rusal » an insurance company « the Consent » etc.) . It is thought that the main sense of the initiative of Michael Prokhorov consists in it.