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What for «Russian scandal» is necessary to head Spyker?

General director Spyker Cars Victor M?ller (a photo in heading) supported the Russian banker Vladimir Antonova which resignation was one of Saab Automobile terms of sale.

In interview to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet M?ller stated that Vladimir Antonov intends to prove that denunciations against it are false. Head Spyker Cars expects that the Russian banker returns to a railroad train of shareholders of the company.

despite messages of mass-media that the Swedish security (Sapo) found proofs of communications of Antonova with the organised crime, it was close to becoming one of shareholders of Saab. However against it the corporation of General Motors, on the hearings, received the corresponding information from FBI of the USA acted. Antons concluded with GM the agreement according to which it cannot return in Spyker without the preliminary consent of the American motor-car manufacturer.

Victor M?ller has been obliged to present the plan of the redemption of a share of the Russian businessman in capital Spyker. Without it purchasing of Saab at General Motors would not be confirmed Swedish and American by the governments. It seems that it also became the reason of a demarche of the Dutch top-manager.

company Tenaci belonging to Victor M?ller should redeem a share of Antonova (it is valued approximately in 17 million euro), to ensure payment of debts Spyker Cars (57 million euro) and to grant the Dutch motor-car manufacturer of $ more 25 million (~18 million euro) directly on Saab purchasing. Total – a round sum at a rate of 92 million euro.

but it only iceberg top. By an estimation Svenska Dagbladet , debts Spyker to a family of Antonova and to controllable it to banks are that that the Russian banker can declare any minute the Dutch motor-car manufacturer the bankrupt.

Even the fluent analysis of financial records Spyker (they are hung out on a company site) acknowledges it. The company was unprofitable throughout all short history, and existed basically at the expense of grants of Antonova. Only in 2008 Dutches lost almost 22 million euro.

Besides, the Russian banker has so-called « a gold share » Spyker that gives it huge capabilities in questions of control of the company. By the way, destiny « a gold share » did not find illumination in the information escorting the transaction of Spyker-Saab.

It seems that Victor M?ller hurried a little, when promised General Motors to redeem Vladimir Antonovas share in capital Spyker. If to tell that at the Russian banker very good positions in negotiations with M?ller it will be to impropriety soft expression. Head Spyker needs to hope unless that Antons voluntary returns the money enclosed in this business. Readers can value prospects of it self-supporting.

Victor M?ller cannot tell till now anything intelligible concerning a source of 24 millions dollars which it should pay for Saab till June, 15th. It is no wonder that all hopes of the Dutch are linked to returning in Spyker Vladimir Antonova. « It gave fantastic support of the company » - M?ller in interview Svenska Dagbladet told. Head Spyker very much would like to return happy times, and he hopes that the sensation can help with a press to it.