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Designer VW Scirocco will work on Mazda

the Former designer of Volkswagen Derek Jenkins (Derek Jenkins – a photo in heading ) received a post of the main designer of the American separation of Mazda.

Jenkins to whom 39 years, the seat abandoned in last summer Frantsem a background of Holtshauzen (Franz von Holzhausen) takes. Last, in turn, became the main things on design in the company-developer of electrical vehicles Tesla Motors.

Jenkins was the chief-designer of Volkswagen Group in the North America. It came to German concern in 2000. The list of its design activities actuates kontsept VW Scirocco, the city car of Audi A2 and a magnificent sedan of Audi A8.

Jenkins heads the centre of Mazda Design Americas disposed in a city Irvine, piece California, and having staff in 25 persons. The Irvajnsky centre executed restyling of Mazda 6 of 2009 year, Mazda 3 of 2010 year, and also developed kontsepty Kabura, Nagare and Furai.

Jenkins is the graduate of college of design in the city of Pasadena, piece California Its hobby - surfing, run, motorcycle sport, radio-controlled models of airplanes and recovery of old cars.

« knowledge of nuances which Derek possesses, and its understanding of the North American market in a combination to a wide experience after 15 successful years on VW and Audis will be the valuable assets for a command of designers of Mazda » - Robert Devis (Robert Davis), the head of directions of development and quality of Mazda in the North America speaks .

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