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MIMS-2004: benefit performance " businessmen "

Growth of the population of the Russian cities and suburbs, and also prompt crystal ageing of railway vehicles available in auto fleets called unknown interest to buses. The excessive demand urged forward activity in the field of creation of passenger machines not only the Russian producers, but also their competitors from Ukraine and Belarus.

most, perhaps, surprised bus branch of the Minsk car factory. It showed 8-metre ÌÀÇ-256, called to become the founder of second generation of the Minsk passenger machines. The compact liner has 28 places for sitting and is equipped with the Euro-3 engine. To whom not from a hand to pay for ecology and technical progress, can book cheaper engine of Euro-2. The body of the beginner is executed from the polished plastic coloured in weight so and scratches it is not necessary to paint over chips. All panels of glass are pasted in a skeleton. ÌÀÇ-256 it can be manufactured in tourist, suburban and business versions. The second amazing innovation minchan – tourist liner MAZ-251. It on a head above the first-born under a title “Vazola“.
And though market prospects of recruits while are vague, already during the current year AMAZ intend to manufacture industrial batches of buses of both models.
the Ukrainian producers did not ignore an exhibition.“ Bogdan-service “, the official representative of joint-stock company“ Cherkassk bus “, shot the whole scattering of miscellaneous models. The suburban bus of middle class À-145 Isuzu (at last Japanese permitted to put the logo on manufactured goods) appeared now with two doors instead of former three. It allowed to increase figure of seats to 39, and general bulk – to 80 persons. Small suburban À-092 Isuzu it is calculated on 27 places. It is arranged ABS, and in interior the air-conditioner, a DVD-player, luggage racks are provided. Its modification
À-09201 Isuzu is adjusted for transportation of invalids-koljasochnikov. In an interior afterpiece there is a recreational area calculated on simultaneous accommodation of two invalid chairs. In interior of 15 seats, 30 more person can go standing.

the strange bus for itself presented public AMO“ZIL“. ÁÀÇ-À212, or as it still call “Slavutich“, showed anything other, as a joint product of a capital motorcar giant and Joint-Stock Company “Borispolsky car factory“. As its developers assure, it is intended for transportation of 37 passengers (including 15 – sitting) on all kinds of roads. The bus a fully loaded mass 7.25 t with a 136-strong diesel under a cowling is capable to advance a top speed to
95 km/h. One more representative of the brand – city bus ZIL-3230 “Scythian“ with 15 seats at general bulk 31 passenger. At it the same engine and only “attractive face“, “bychkovskaja“. At last, third “carrier“ of capital factory – ÇÈË-525000 wagon layout – has a bulkhead construction and is based on aggregates “Bull-calves“. Its general bulk (sitting and standing) constitutes 40 persons.
a joint product presented on a general review of KamAZ and NefAZ: city bus NefAz-5299-21 with the gas engine. Its bulk – 98 passengers, including 20 – on sedentary places. The pre-production model already passes service tests, and, seemingly, it has a chance to be fixed in the domestic market. Gas turbonadduvnyj kamazovsky the engine ensures to the machine power in 260 h.p. at 2 200 rpm. The natural gas compressed to 200 atmospheres is stored in 990-litre bottles from which two (on 315) are installed by a reservoir at the rear end, and remaining – on a landing gear, on the left side of interior. The bus cruising range constitutes 450 km.
the holding “Russian Buses“, an integrating NOTCH, a LiAZ, GolAZ and KAVZ, presented machines, half from which – nizkopolnye. The business card of Pavlovsk car factory became ÏÀÇ-3227 – the perspective sample of the bus of a small class a length of 8 m with a rear arrangement of the power unit. Near to it there were typical “townspeople“ of small class ÏÀÇ-3203 on 37 places (actuating 23 sedentary). There is also a modification on 52 (18) places. From Likinsky bus factory the 15-metre liner of combined application “city/suburb“ with the Euro-3 motor, the renovated version a LiAZ-5256.23 with the Euro-2 engine on 66 places (44 sedentary) and the 18-metre city jointed LiAZ-6213 for transportation 171 (39) passengers was shown. From the Barrow there arrived the bus for the suburban and interdistrict message of well familiar family “Aurora“.

At this model the interior is increased at 8 seats, and the volume of door-to-door baggage compartments reached 5 ì3. The Volga bus production presented the 12-seater liner of a VIP-class with a hall which at desire can be converted into a sleeping coupe. Except a toilet, galley and clothes, it is arranged by a shower booth. For the first time in our country the bus has autonomous current supply. The second premiere of “Volzhanina“ – the bus on 8-metre Indian landing gear Tata. At it 21 seats, luggage sections in volume 1.5 ì3 and the licence diesel engine of Mercedes-Benz.
Under brand Ikarbus have been presented 31-seater Midibus IK 308 and more capacious Suburban Bus IK 104P for suburban and long-distance transportations. The bus exposure was constituted also by items of Tushinsky machine works, the Michurinsk and Lvov bus enterprises. “Skanija-Piter“ showed suburban OmniLine. However acquaintance to these items at us still ahead.

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