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Èòîãè-2008: faster, more powerfully, more expensively

Top-10 expiring year records it is difficult to find that sphere which would be not not mentioned by world crisis. And even the most appreciable achievements of the expiring year anyhow are linked to it. Nevertheless, we could not ignore the records installed in the past year. 1. Half a century without losses

More half a century (if to be exact - 59 years) the company of Toyota did not know that such dead losses. A break-even series interrupted, as it is not difficult to guess, world financial crisis … 2. The lost billions

Well, and the corporation of General Motors, on contrast with “Toyota“, declared record losses past year: only for III quarter they reached at GM $38,6 billion! 3. The youngest champion

Lewis Hemilton became the youngest world champion in the history of “Formuly-1“. The age of the British pilot, at the moment of award to it of a champion title, constituted 23 years, 9 months and 26 days. 4. Cheap gasoline

Against crisis and price reduction on petroleum began to become cheaper and fuel in the USA. On December, 1st average price of gasoline in States constituted 1,8 dollars for gallon. According to the Department of Energy of the USA, it is the lowest parametre c 2005. 5. Fastest of fast

American superpenalties SSC Ultimate Aero, equipped with the 8-cylinder motor power more than 1000 l. With., about 411 km/h were accelerated and has been recorded in “Guinness Book of Records“ as the fastest serial car on a planet. 6. Four thimbles - four victories

the Factory command of Audi in a season-2008 benefited all ring races and the championships in which participated. On the bill of “four thimbles» victories in DTM, Le-Mans Series, American Le-Mans Series and in «24 hours of Le Mans». 7. Eight cups for Ferrari

One more autosports record of year belongs to legendary formular “stable“ of Ferrari. The command won the eighth Cup of Designers in “Formule-1“ over the last 10 years. 8. Failure November

the European automobile market did not show Such rate of drop of sales for a long time already: only for one November fall constituted 25,8 % in comparison with November, 2007! 9.62 years without the rights

One Swiss automobile owner got to police for driving without the rights. What surprise of guards when during check it was found out was that the infringer went without the rights … 62 years! That is characteristic, in this time it never got on traffic abuse of regulations! 10. The City-millionnik

past year Petersburg became the second market on the importance in territory of Russia. The passenger park of Northern capital exceeded 1 million machines. Besides, in Peter 6 % from total amount new cars in country are registered.