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Mercedes-Benz E-Class. New " E-Class " for an old class " E "

Mercedes-Benz E-Class. New E-Class for an old class E

48 months of activity and two billion Euro have not been spent in vain - first minutes after the occurrence not crowned king of a representative class E forced to tell about itself all world automedia.
to surprise with appearance as happened at model occurrence in the June 1995, new 211th body could not - designers pitched ellipses of head lamps in the parties of side panels only a little, stressed imposing appearance of the car hardly the curved lumbar line, and dynamism of an outline profile a la coupe - a beautiful rear quarter pillar and imperceptible mean, painted in black colour. In an interior the same silent changes of aircraft attitude - only prove rennye solutions, the best materials and the superattentive relation to details. Really modest design changes obviously assumed offset of accents for benefit of bright technological innovations. Expectations have not been deceived - standard equipment of all modifications of model by the braking electrohydraulic system Sensotronic which debut took place not so long ago on SL-class became one of latest news.
Other technological innovation - the pneumosuspension with electronic control Airmatic DC. Pneumoelements do not displace standard elements of the habitual scheme, and only supplement them, and depending on road conditions, c driving and a stuffing of interior electronics chooses optimum algorithm of activity of dampers and springs. Thus, under statements of producers, in one car it was possible to bridge almost unjoinable - almost ideal comfort and fine dynamic responses. The pneumosuspension enters in standard equipment of flag model E 500 V8, it is offered as an option for all remaining models. In a rule of engines of new model - six- and eight-cylinder petrol motor power from 177 h.p. to 306 h.p. And two diesels CDI of 150-177 h.p. join In the near future with power this company the four-cylinder petrol motor with a supercharger and some mixed diesels CDI.
the Car will be offered in three classical executions: Classic, Elegance and Avantgarde. As the additional equipment it will be possible to equip the car with the four-zoned climatic installation Thermotronic maintaining each passenger; multiplanimetric seats with electronic control which monitors a position of a back of the driver and corrects air supply in back and seat pneumobottles. New E-Class, the entering market in the middle of March, 2002, replaces one of the most successful machines in the history of the brand, on sale at the average in number of 200000 machines in a year that constituted 24 % from the all-European segment E.