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Novelties of Detroit: MAZDA RYUGA

MAZDA RYUGA: CHANGES of aircraft attitude of PHILOSOPHY ZOOM-ZOOM What form and content will be found by philosophy Zoom-Zoom in the future? Lawrence a background den of Aker (Laurens van den Acker) holding of a post of the main designer of Mazda Motor Corporation in the beginning of last year, asked this question to designers of three design studios of Mazda. the Part of the answer to this question became presented on a showroom in Los-Anzhelese of Mazda Nagare (from a Japanese word “flow“, is said “on-hectare-re“). It kontseptu was preceded by some months of researches, hundreds sketches, numerous discussions and meetings. In the basis kontsepta the idea of motion which does even the immovable car dynamical lies.

Kontsept Ryuga (“ri-jju-hectare“ is said), presented to Detroit, is a following stage changes of aircraft attitude MAZDA Nagare. It possesses more realistic design in comparison with Nagare and, hence, is more suitable for an estimation of reaction of those who it sees. If to translate it to fashion language Nagare is haute couture (made-to-order), and Ryuga is pret-a-porter (ready-to-wear clothes).

“Ryuga is implementation of pure and controllable motion”, - continues a background den Aker.“ If Nagare is a dream or feeling, which only originates to find the form Ryuga advances this idea, prevnosja in it definiteness.

thanks to the huge wheels disposed at the corners of a body, Ryuga it seems very steady. Thanks to aggressive, wedge-shaped body style, the car is in motion even then when it is immovable. Even spokes of 21-inch wheel disks are made with a small declination as if they are in motion. The body is increased in sizes in a direction to an afterpiece and “flows round“ wheels from above and on each side that gives to the car a prompt kind.

grandiose motion envelops a body and gets into interior. Some lines “are twisted“ downwind. Each bending is dramatic, and in all kontsepte there is no corner.

lateral areas Ryuga are inspired karesansui (a Japanese rock-garden). Head lamps under the form remind streams of the morning dew poured from leaves of a bamboo. In the near future such examples of design as light-emitting diodes and fluorescent lamps, will be used on the serial cars.

spokes of 21-inch wheel disks differ at the left and on the right. For transfer of a likeness with blades of an internal-combustion turbine trailing edges of spokes of wheel disks are coloured in colour of a body.

colour of a body and design of rear canopies Ryuga is cast by image of a current lava. Depending on illumination on surface Ryuga nuances of yellow, red and blue colours in accuracy the same as at the fused, current lava are visible.

the videocameras of a rear kind disposed in a foremost part of each moulding, transmit the image of space behind the car to the display disposed on centre of the control panel.

Thanks to layout art, kontsept Ryuga it was received much more shortly and more low in comparison with four-seater sports car RX-8. As well as in RX-8, in Ryuga with comfort can takes place four passengers. Rather big wheelbase (2800 mms) and two huge doors similar to blades, ensure an easy approach in interior.

two doors mounting upwards ensure easy access to interior and show Mazda Ryuga interior. The interior unites a bolid cabin, emotionally linking the driver and the car, and launzh-space of the rear seat, allowing it is convenient to passengers to be arranged. Front kovsheobraznye seats ensure fine lateral support for realisation of an active manner of driving of the car. The form of seats makes impression of motion which amplifies obivochnymi materials even more.

the Car is equipped by experimental “floating“ is central raspolozhennej a metre panel. The information necessary for safe and dynamical driving, namely rotational speed of a crankshaft of the engine and speed of the car, is injected in analogue and a digital form and mapped on one axis. Lines streaming upwards it is central the disposed metre panel dynamically dive through the front informational panel in which concept Zoom-Zoom found expression in futuristic and sports design, and also in the integrated interface.

“current“ surfaces are used and in design of decorative panels of the doors which lines begin in centre of firm pentagonal radiator grating Ryuga and reach for a car afterpiece through interior.

on Ryuga 2,5 litre engine, capable to work simultaneously on biofuel E85 and gasoline is installed. The steering wheel is broken at the top. Scoops concern to other important elements with photosensitive semi-conductors-matrixes CCD which transmit the image of space behind the car and allow the driver to see “dead“ zones. Finish a picture magnificent wheels with tyres TOYO PROXES 245/ 35 R21 which also urged to ensure outstanding dynamic responses. The galvanic-action protector of tyres possesses intricate, original drawing which is ideally suited for the concept of design Ryuga.

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