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Volkswagen Touareg Test drive: a cosy off-road car

learnt, how much is to make an off-road car from Touareg, on what the Touareg-crossover and in what the owner of new model takes pleasure is capable.

for years of realisation of previous generation Touareg, Volkswagen assembled the information from clients. And they learnt on what roads, how fast and as far from a tractor their cars are picked up usual. The result of polling deprived Touareg of the status « an off-road car in a basic set » than many autojournalists, rassozhalevshiesja about loss of the present rascal quickly used.

Touareg became more friendly

Hearings about death Touareg ’ and – impassability thunderstorms – are strongly exaggerated. Yes, now the offroud-toolkit kit is accessible not to each buyer of the car, but only to those to whom it is necessary. And to the one who is ready to pay in addition one thousand seven hundred euros from above. For this sum it is possible to gain package Terrain Tech which includes all-wheel drive transmission with a transfer box, blocking interaxle and rear interwheel differentials. And any external differences! So to recognise the present « dzhippera » on it Touareg ’ at it will not be received. However, for interested persons to outline the VW in a flow « usual Tuaregov » (all the same the car takes the third place on popularity in the Russian Federation among off-road cars and crossovers) there are some versions of an ornament of a body, like chrome - or a R-package.

it is visible, and sellers not strongly believe that the most part of their clients more often the usual climb on the Touareg ’ ah further the reasonable. Our test car has under a cowling 3.0-litre diesel V6 power of 240 h.p. and impressive torque of 550 Nanometers. Terrain Tech in picking does not enter, but there is a leather interior, navigation, class « acoustics » And other options which have raised the price of the car approximately on seven hundred thousand of roubles.

the main difference new Touareg from old – in comfort. The car became cosier, and not only in respect of more friendly layout of interior. The engine – it is for nothing that a diesel – works almost silently; the control surface is twisted easily, and the effort increases geometrically with turn angle increase, and the band of electroresettings of seats (in the test version) has from tens directions, actuating « binders » lateral support. And the gait, apparently, became softer, as if engineering-test development on proving grounds indeed drove with mastodonta weigh its excess weight. And I at all did not regret that for all day for a minute did not appear completely in a mud, and the off-road mode of the pneumosuspension actuated few times only with curiosity, basically changing rigidity of dampers castor Sport-Comfort on the central tunnel. It is received, elements Touareg – a city?!

is more complete complete

the Differentiated approach of Volkswagen it is justified at least by that allows to spare € for the majority of motorists, after all them it is possible to spend 1.7 thousand for other options. However, and without additional off-road « transmission gains » Touareg is not afraid before obstacles. Not monoprivodnyj, eventually. While … Between axiss at Touareg – the central differential Torsen, capable to allocate the moment in a proportion 40:60, with a capability to throw to 65 percent of traction on a front axle or to 85 percent – on the rear.

as a gear box on new generation Touareg 8-step automatic transmission Aisin debuted. Colleagues from other automobile mass-media quite often complained about slowness and thoughtfulness of transmission together with petrol motors, especially with base V6. But in a tandem with our diesel aggregate the box almost did not foil movement process. The only thing that short « diesel » transfers change too often; and still « the automatic control unit » extremely reluctantly « it is dropped » trying to be expedited whenever possible within the chosen speed. The blessing, traction at the diesel motor sufficient, and momentnaja a curve allows.

inside Touareg became more hospitable. The front panel is executed from softer materials, and quality of furnish does not yield to competitors. On a control surface there was a weight of the function keys operating an on-board computer, music and phone. The metre panel lost « unnecessary » dials, and all space between a tachometre and a speedometer is used by the Zhk-display on which the data from navigation and other devices of an on-board computer is injected.

Competitors do not doze

Following the results of the Russian sales of last year Touareg was in triple of leaders among crossovers and off-road cars, yielding only Mitsubishi Outlander XL (to read the test) and Toyota LandCruiser 200 (to read the test). Now competitors VW did not weaken and are ready to contrast Touareg much. But more often – the price. In particular, dealers of Volkswagen are afraid of Kia Mohave (to read the test) which in the mast most head execution anticipates base « Tuareg ». Thus, quality at Kia lately all is closer to germans … do not deaden an impact and Land Rover with the Discovery, the prices on which begin from 1.9 million roubles. The off-road car is not is worse ready to congress from asphalt, and selection of engines (two diesel, one petrol) allows clients to choose a car to liking. Mitsubishi Pajero (to read the test) the little is less technological and is comfortable, but on impassability does not yield Touareg, and at the price and at all offers a starting instalment in « a Pajero-club » at a rate of 1 429 000 roubles.

it was not pleasant to us in Volkswagen Touareg

To us it was pleasant in Volkswagen Touareg

Roadability at dynamical driving: Touareg goes quickly, but turning movements does not love

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