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720 hours at the wheel Suzuki Swift: the Place for a step forward

already told about Petersburg vacation of Suzuki Swift twice; about it supplies what pleasures and problems on long long-distance lines and larded by cars and gullies city streets. But for a month of operation most of all remarks it was accumulated that from itself presents Swift from within.

the Compact set only meets the driver hospitably: if to approach to the machine and only once to press the button of an unblocking of doors the lobby from four will be opened only left. Passengers in a unified gust it is pulled knobs empty. To get inside, it is necessary to press on a charm the opening button twice. But at such dvuhetapnogo access there is also an advantage: if in the machine there is only a driver it will be for closed dvermi, and the malefactors, wished to subtend a bag or a wallet from a passenger place, remain out of work.

I get into interior. Rear sofa spacious, only if not so dimensional characters ahead sit. But to the driver to complain there is nothing: resettings on a depth of rudder and sitting, and also moving up-removing a seat, it is possible to select optimum landing at the wheel.
a control surface, it is traditional for compact and not fast machines of the end of the ninetieth – rigid, with the thin rim. But with buttons: that the driver did not reach for the central console to change a radio-wave or « to scroll » on a favourite song, Suzuki placed on a control surface a rigorous control console an audiosystem. With it today very few people you will surprise, but for the compact machine with so respectable « age » - to have that it is laudable.

however, on a control surface would not hinder to take out and switch control buttons an on-board computer – « an orange strip » with three sectors, the central console disposed on an apex. The computer, unfortunately, holds back quantity of kilometres which Swift it is capable to run on the remained fuel. It already is considered today a scarcity.
I was misinformed by own carelessness and one amusing feature Swift. As soon as received the machine, it dumbfounded that the fuel rate in a city was much less, than on a line.

such in general happens? And, digits for the 1.5-litre motor were frightening: 18 against 12! And after all I expected the mean consumption at level of 7-8 litres on « one hundred ». The true was opened, when we with colleagues looked at mapped parametres more attentively: bortkompjuter spoke not about « litres on 100 km » and about « kilometres on litre »! To replace a method of computation of the consumption during motion it is impossible. Only muting the motor and actuating ignition it is possible, keeping a key, to interchange a mapped parametre. Then rose on the places – Swift it is rehabilitated …

the Meter panel left pleasant impression: the speedometer and tachometre data is not bad read, white scales are divided into equal sections on which red marksmen it is perfectly visible. In the same place – a vertical of modes of an automatic transmission with the index of the chosen transfer.
to remember about the malefactors encroaching on lying on sidenijah of value, few compartments for trifles are possible also because in interior Swift. In the doorway there are narrow pockets for gloves, napkins or charts. On the central tunnel – coasters and a niche « for a hamburger » and before knees of the front passenger deep enough and capacious glovebox is provided. But on it all. And after all the whole bale more often claims for space poor veshchotdelov important (and not so) subjects: a mobile phone, a purse, a hamburger (), a 0.5-litre bottle with water, a chart, small change, the GPS-navigator, a notebook, itd … And the part of things risks to remain to lie on next or on a rear seat. And after all not involved space inside Swift in a prosperity! It is not excluded that in activity over new generation this factor will be taken Suzuki into consideration.

the greatest, than I was pleased with a luggage compartment, so it with accommodation of three packages from a supermarket. However, if to land rear passengers the sofa can be spread out, receiving a place under freight ó lshih the sizes. But than the luggage compartment really irritated, so it is a shelf which roared on each irregularity. It would be necessary to learn from holders Swift as led by regiments on their machines …

Lack Swift, as a matter of fact, one – mediocrity; compact « the Japanese » there is nothing to reproach, but after all and to love no trouble. Neither in spaciousness, nor in comfort, it did not succeed in manufacturability. However, in Suzuki there is all vital: Harmonious interior, sufficient space for passengers and the driver, convenient access to controls and readable devices. Picking though also unique, but is balanced not bad. Perhaps the best – the enemy of the good?

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