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Test drive: Opel Insignia Ford Mondeo VS: and it is not enough one million

compared well staffed two sedans of a D-class in cost about 1 100 000 roubles, were surprised to dynamics of one and useful space of another. Simultaneously, had a look at competitors from other classes.

Opel Insignia in picking Cosmo with 2.0 220-strong motor and 6-step « the automatic control unit » there are 1 162 300 roubles. Ford Mondeo (dorestajlingovyj) in picking Titanium Black with the 2.0-litre 203-strong engine and a 6-step automatic transmission manages hardly more cheaply – 1 071 500 roubles.

pickings of machines are similar, in Opel there is a cruise-control and the big colour screen with a capability of a conclusion of satellite navigation whereas in Mondeo the display is not on the central console, and between a speedometer and a tachometre, and the control of a set speed is not present in the list of the standard equipment. But in Ford electroresettings of a drivers seat are accessible, and in Opel they are offered as an option.

Interiors Insignia and Mondeo equally impress, in spite of the fact that one car, as a matter of fact, is concerning new model, and another in the market the third year. However, the space in Opel is organised so that it seems, as if the machine envelops the driver more densely, but is cosier, surrounding necessary with toolkit. In Opel chubbier control surface with correct thickenings, moreover and flat from below, as in sports cars.

a road gleam of Ford: 130 mms
the Road gleam of Opel: 160 mms

As to the main instruments – a radio tape recorder and climate control in Opel it is more difficult to make out the necessary key and « to divide into parts » it from grey weight. In “Mondeo“ on the contrary – switch control buttons a climate and digits-buttons on a radio tape recorder are made by silver plastic, and they are recognised on a black background where easier. Another matter, on the radio tape recorder some keys are made small, and inscriptions on them are read not on time.

pleased that both cars had switch control buttons an audiosystem on a control surface. In Opel from a control surface it is possible to operate also cruise-control, and on rim Mondeo control of an on-board computer is taken out.

engines of each of sedans are much more high-power, than the motorist daily moving on a city and times &ndash can wish; on the ring. Two-litre turbomotory promptly carry away sedans forward, but Opel does it, demanding literally millimetre pressing gas. Motor Insignia on 20 h.p. is more high-power turbodvigatelja Ford, and on sensations, the variance constitutes forces so 40-50. However, in renovated gamma of engines Mondeo the two-litre aggregate gives any more 200, and 240 l.s! Therefore to hunters for loshadmi is advised not to do hasty conclusions …

Boost to 100 km/h of Ford: 7.9 with
Boost to 100 km/h of Opel: 7.8 with

Mondeo in the version chosen by us had a capability of mode selection of the suspension: « comfortable » « normal » and « sports ». Therefore depending on quality of a road carpet and degree of nervousness of driving the driver could choose that for it it is more important: comfort, roadability or all equally. An interesting toy! And test Insignia did not dispose system FlexRide, allowing to effect similar options opelevskogo a landing gear. As a result taxiing of “Insigniej“ left double impression: on the one hand, 17-inch wheels with a low structure hardishly met joints of asphalt and other smallest irregularities, with another – and sports it was impossible to call roadability because of the appreciable heels arising, apparently, owing to the increased course of suspensions – the Russian machines have the increased road gleam.

Therefore to potential holders of a sedan of Opel it is recommended to instal wheels with higher structure and to enjoy more a smooth motion, or to book machines with « European » a road gleam if it is possible. That to Mondeo its roadability left more pleasant impression. It is possible to reproach unless excessive sensitivity to kolejam, being in which Fords continually it strove to be thrown aside.

Opelevsky seats were pleasant hardly more – in particular thanks to sliding knee support. And the lateral bearing part of a back here is expressed enough for deduction of drivers miscellaneous komplektsy. However, Ford does not yield in respect of comfort of landing, and thanks to electroresettings also ensures more convenient adjustment of seats.

Mondeo meets passengers of a back row much more hospitably. Places here more than in Insignia both for knees, and for a head. Besides, at Mondeo much more capacious « a glovebox » in addition – with refrigeration. It is a pity that now not that season that it to value.

the review from two machines is opened about identical, but lateral mirrors Mondeo show to the little more.

Volume of a luggage compartment of Ford: 550 l
Volume of a luggage compartment of Opel: 500 l

It is possible to be assured that both top versions will not be the most sold in rules of brands, in many respects, thanks to the price – it is more than one million hundred thousand roubles for a D-class sedan – it is too much for large-scale success. For this money it is possible to take not only almost any crossover in good picking, but also sedans a class above, like 1.8-litre turbirovannoj Skoda Superb or Nissan Teana from Toyotas Camry assembled in Russia. However, more modest clearances of a D-class can be a trump here: Someone can refuse the additional cubic metre/kgs demanding increased power consumption and an accessory place on a parking.

as to selection from two test cars hardly more attractive it seems to Ford Mondeo: it seemed hardly better balanced on to comfort-controllability and offers more spaces inside. Though Opel is much better accelerated and hardly holds a straight line is better. Insignia – selection of the emotional person whereas Mondeo prefer pragmatists.