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The blonde at the wheel

together with managers of dealer centres give 10 simple and it is possible even naive, but from that not to an exchange of a valuable advice to the beginning motorist before purchasing of the first car.

« I will sit in the machine, I will go on a streamer, to sea, it is beautiful … » - the Russian pop singer sings. Yes, many women (and not only women), buying the car, present, as they on it will cheerfully rush on highway, singing songs and leaving behind jaundiced eyes of girlfriends. Probably therefore on a question of the seller (the father, the boy friend, the husband, …) « what machine you would like? » representatives of the weaker sex are at a loss very often with valuable for questioning the answer.

women without a driving experience simply do not present more often, at times it is necessary to face what difficulties on road. By nature inclined to an aesthetics, many ladies first of all think of how they will look in the machine, and already in second – about that, it will be how much heavy to operate the chosen beauty.

Certainly, not all argue in a similar way. But if you all the same prepare in the near future to get the iron friend, on the basis of councils skilled avtosellerov, we constituted the list of the most important criteria on which it is necessary to choose the machine.

council 1. That for the sake of?
Before approaching to car selection, it is necessary to be determined, for what it is necessary to you. To go on a city? Or you plan only occasionally to get out on it zagorod? Choosing the car for a city, it is necessary to pay attention to small machines with small displacement volume of the engine – on them it is more convenient to be transferred on streets. The same machine quite approaches for a trip and zagorod on a line. If you have children, probably, it is necessary to choose the car more: for example, a crossover in which all family will feel it comfortable during long-term trips on a summer residence.

council 2. Roadability.
Pay attention to roadability of the car – it is possible, and it is necessary to make during a test trip. Whether only after it it is possible to understand the machine approaches you: whether comfortably in it to sit, whether visibility is good and whether controls of the car chosen by you are convenient.

council 3. Visibility.
This council can be attributed and to the second point, but not with the superfluous will outline this criterion separately. Very few people pays attention to visibility at purchasing, and in vain.

Council 4. Security.
powerful enough moment at car selection – its security. There are two kinds of security of the machine: active and passive. Active security means various sensors which promote ease in driving on difficult sites of road. Passive security are airbags which, as a rule, are installed even in the basic set of any car of import production.

council 5. The Gear box.
Gaining the car, it is necessary accurately for to understand, with what gear box it will be more convenient to you to go. Yes, the automatic control unit or the robot is easier in control. It approaches you if you do not think of yourselves without all modern functions which are invented for control of machine. However if the woman loves classics and prefers to monitor completely motion of the car, it is necessary to pay attention to a mechanic box.

council 6. Do not deceive itself.
with itself Be fair. If at you a small driving experience, it is not necessary to rest and buy the big, high-power and manoeuvrable car – such machines demand certain drivers skill. The the machine is larger – the more difficult to it to operate. Especially in colds, when besides days short, and roads slippery.

council 7. Suspect some steps forward!
Consider in advance an amount of money in which you would like to be stowed at purchasing, look under the automobile log-books, what machine approaches you. Also remember: choosing the car, it is necessary to consider and its further servicing: passing of planned technical review, a minor repair etc.!

council 8. Glance under a cowling.
Glance under a cowling. If that is there about what to you does not speak, take an interest: what at the machine engine volume? Further this factor (along with value of a fuel rate on one hundred kilometres and value of interservice running) will influence monthly expenditure for the car.

council 9. The warranty.
buying the car (however, as well as other expensive things), always pay attention to its warranty period. In documents should be necessarily written, the warranty is spread to what units and aggregates of the car and for what period of time of its operation.

council 10. And on posledok …
Follow councils 1-9. And just in case, ask familiar men:
- to show to you as the towing rope looks;
- to tell, where there are wires for prikurivatelja;
- to put to you money for phone. Whether it is not enough …

Alina Evloeva, the selling assistant of Chevrolet of Open Company « Kapital Avto Kudrovo » :

- Besides the criteria set forth above, it is necessary to think of several things. First, it is necessary to understand that each car has variety of pickings. To choose approaching, decide for itself, whether costs for you « stylishness » machines on the first place and whether are ready to pay you for it? If you answered positively - prepare a round sum of money for payment of additional options: xenon head lamps, the electric drive of the seats, two zoned climate of the control, leather interior etc.

Secondly, always consider car residual cost. As show an expert, and the statistican, basically we gain the car for no more than for 3-4 years. For certain on proprocession of these years you wants to implement the « the friend » or « the girlfriend » on beneficial price. Each car has the residual cost taking into account amortisation. To count it it is not difficult enough. For the first year the machine loses 20 % from the original cost, further - an order of 10 % for each next year. Though, of course, these digits will strongly vary depending on the brand and popularity of model which you prefer.

In the third, choosing colour gamma of the future car, do not forget about a colour practicality. The most robust – a silvery metallic. On it chips and small tsarapinki are least visible, it not easily soiled (that gives the chance to wash the car much less often) and does not fade in due course. The most impractical of tone - dark. They demand annual polishing (that the machine saved shine), sinks. And on them defects of a paint coating are appreciable enough. Though, of course, it is necessary to be repelled and from personal preferences.

However the most important at car purchasing – this understanding of that you really search. Think of colour and body style less, live within the means. After all first of all, the machine should be easy.

Alexander Nikolashin, the chief of a sales department of interior « Euro-Motors » :

- Preparing to buy the car, very important soberly to value the knowledge of this area. If they are insignificant, consult with the informed friends is better, it is desirable men. The same concerns also the girls, learnt to loopin the car, but not learnt with it to be converted: before to make purchasing, well think, who will help you with its servicing. Especially, if the machine chosen by you is equipped by various gadgets - multimedia centres, GPS-navigators etc.

And do not forget: in your machine (as in a daily dress) you should feel comfortable. However the car, unlike job specifications, it is impossible to change every day. The machine should approach you on all parametres, after all very much ch