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The capital will have companions

Nine cities - companions within 50 - a kilometre zone can appear in the long term at Minsk, the minister of architecture and building of Belarus Alexander Seleznev has told.

Today in Minsk already lives about 1,8 million inhabitants. It is planned that every year in capital will be under construction 1,2 - 1,3 million in sq. m of habitation, and for this year a problem it is necessary - to enter 1,7 million in sq. m of habitation. According to the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, for a solution of a problem with shortage of habitation in the capital, it is necessary to create cities - companions.

have already made the decision on five such. Documents prepare on three future companions: in Smolevichah (the platform on 1 - 1,3 million in sq. m of habitation here is already allocated), and also in Zaslavle and Dzerzhinsk.

On other future companions of Minsk the question only is studied. But 2010 should become year of designing of cities - companions, in the first half of the year 2011 infrastructure development is supposed, and by the end of the year - to begin building.

Already to 2012 - to 2013 of a city - companions will be completely ready.

the arrangement with the Minsk regional executive committee about allocation of sites under building of cottages in Minsk area near to a ring road Besides, is reached. It is planned that there will be constructed 5 - 7 thousand houses.


companions completely will provide All cities with communication with Minsk. It will be or high-speed trams, trolley buses or buses.