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In Voronezh 2000 debtors under credits and the alimony do not let out abroad

From - for crisis in the Voronezh region the population debts under credits and the alimony have several times increased. The service of court enforcement officers has given last information:   for today   has run nearby   five billions roubles.  

- I on special control have two categories of executive documents: collecting of the alimony and credits, - has told Vera Popova, the head of service of court enforcement officers across the Voronezh region. -   From 18 thousand executive documents under credits it is ended 7500. While it not so is a lot of, as it would be desirable. We have limited trip abroad two thousand to unfair persons paying alimony and borrowers. It has appeared very much an effective measure in relation to solvent debtors who hide the incomes and try to duck out.   We will continue such practice and further. So, in 2010 50 percent   debtors cannot leave the country, without having paid off with creditors. And concerning malicious defaulters court enforcement officers apply even more strict measures. For the last year we have raised 54 criminal cases.

And if person really to pay there is nothing? To these people at police officers the special approach: they already have found work for such 400 debtors.