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In Prikamye have found out burnt down foreign car with a body of the senior collector of the Savings Bank

On Monday morning the inhabitant of village Churaki (it is Kosinsky area of the Perm edge) has found out on rural road burnt down car. And in it - a body of the man.

On a scene all field services of area have left. To establish the stamp of the car and the person of the victim some days were not possible. State numbers on a car was not, and fire has destroyed everything that was in salon. On Monday by the evening field investigators have informed: it is a foreign car, presumably salad colour (is more detailed - In the Perm edge the car burnt together with the driver is found out).

And there was now more a detail information.

Under number on the car engine have established the stamp and a name of the owner: Ford Fusion belongs 40 - to the summer inhabitant of Berezniki Vladislav SH. Employees OVD on Kosinsky area have immediately contacted colleagues from Berezniki and have found out that the owner of a foreign car is live - is healthy.

- By my car by proxy there went the stepfather, - Vladislav has told to inspectors. - special signs? It with themselves had keys from garage, big such, in the form of the butterfly.

Houses 55 - Vladislav Rashid`s V summer stepfather did not appear since Sunday. And in the burnt down foreign car inspectors have found out similar keys from garage

- It is possible to assume that in the car the body of Rashida V is revealed, - operative person on duty OVD on Kosinsky area Ivan Sizov has told. - but more exact results will give it is judicial - medical examination.

In militia have explained that the victim too lived in Berezniki and worked as the senior collector of the Savings Bank. More than any details inspectors do not tell.

the Consequence considers some versions happened, including murder or accident. The question on criminal case excitation is not solved yet.