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In electric trains to Moscow catch hares

on February, 11th and 12 on platform of the Leningrad station in Moscow controllers and security guards of the Russian Railway catch free riders.

Special attention to passengers of the electric trains arriving to capital with 8 till 10 morning and among leaving from it - from 17 o`clock till 19 o`clock.

- the Given action is directed on reduction of cases of a traumatism by the railways, - pojasnjasnil the director It is Moscow - the Tver Suburban Passenger Company Evgenie Hmelevsky. - After all, those who come to Moscow hares also do not wish to get the ticket for pass to a city, jump from a platform on rails that on them to bypass turnstiles. And it is the roughest infringement of safety precautions on the railway, not to mention how much travmoopasen there can be a given process!

Security guards will trace infringers, to draw up the statement about an administrative offence and to direct hares In so-called cash desks on an input . Cost entrance the ticket here makes 49 and a half roubles.   the same money, in the absence of the ticket, it is necessary to pay to get on suburban electric trains of the Leningrad station in the evening. And for an offence which in the Administrative Code carries the loud name the Actions menacing to traffic safety on a railway transportation it is necessary either the prevention, or the penalty at a rate of 100 roubles.