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In the Polytechnical museum will rummage in brains

Why we remember any trifle of fifteen-year prescription and we forget important phone number,   written down the day before yesterday?   How human memory is arranged? And a leah is memory at animals? How mechanisms of storing evolve and a leah they will change in the near future?

Well-known Polytechnic University continues remarkable tradition free scientifically - the popular lectures opened for visitation by all interested person. In the sixtieth at such lectures heated arguments boiled. And that intellectual debate remembers till now many with a smile and easy nostalgia.

This time fans scientifically - popular discussions a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the laboratory chief nejrobiologii waits for memory of Institute of normal physiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science K. V.Anokhin. It is possible to look at the schedule of other lectures here.

When: on February, 11th, 2010 at 18:30

Where: the Polytechnical museum, the New area, and #190; the Large attendance (an entrance 9)

the Input free.

lecture hall Phone: (495 621 - 10 - 41