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In manufacture inspectors SKP have criminal cases against 9 generals

Military inspectors from the moment of creation of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation have passed in court criminal cases concerning 26 higher officers, now under a consequence there are nine generals, has informed zamglavy SKP - the head of military investigatory management the general - the lieutenant of justice Alexander Sorochkin.

For this time interval (approximately 2,5 years) are directed to court of 25 criminal cases concerning 26 higher officers - Sorochkin has told.

As he said, now in manufacture inspectors have criminal cases concerning nine generals.

Thus Sorochkin has specified that it is a question of the higher officers not only the Minister of Defence of Russia, but also other federal enforcement authorities where the law provides passage of military service.

So thereupon we do not have any bases to speak about criminality only among army generals - he has told.

earlier main military public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Sergey Fridinsky has informed that 2009 eight Russian generals have been denounced, six of them have received real terms of imprisonment, informs RIA News .