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In Barnaul already start to celebrate a seeing-off of winter

As though it is paradoxical did not sound, but from now on, on February, 8th, an official seeing-off of winter begins. The tradition to celebrate a shrove has come to us   from ancestors - pagans.   still in the ancient time a seeing-off of winter and a meeting of spring were one of the most important feasts of Russian people. This year the shrove coincides with one more perfect feast - the Valentine day.    

In Barnaul   the Shrove will celebrate in   several areas. So, for example, in its October area   will mark park October (avenue Komsomol   128). This action in 12 will begin. 00   on February, 14th and to last till the evening. In the program: songs, dancings, games and every possible competitions. By the way, for all come wait   the pancakes which are   integral   attribute of a shrove. Them   Will distribute absolutely free of charge.   besides it in park will be   to work hire of the fads, skis, driving on horses. And   the feast   will come to the end; traditional burning of a stuffed animal of winter.    

One more area which plans to celebrate a seeing-off of winter   - Iindustrialnyj. The celebration will pass in park the Wood fairy tale (ud. Enthusiasts 10).   Here guljanija will begin   on February, 14th in 12. 00. All come expect     dancings, competitions and traditional burning of a stuffed animal.  

In the Central area a feast plan to spend for the settlement areas Southern (Tchaikovsky street 21), the action beginning   in   12. 00.    

By the way, by February, 14th office of heaven, probably to take pity.   under forecasts of meteosites in the afternoon   on the Shrove it is expected about 20 degrees.   so, feasts should udastsja wonderfully well!