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The Petersburger have arrested for love

With the student of state academy of theatrical art Aleksandroj Skochilenko there was a trouble - its young man has left also the beginnings is masterful to avoid dialogue. Feelings zaperehlestyvali, and Sasha took a marker in hands. So there was a poster with an inscription I do not ask you to return. I simply ask for forgiveness and two silhouettes in which it was guessed Alexander and its were. With a bale of sheets of format 4 and a bilateral adhesive tape the girl has gone out of doors.

- There was a Sunday morning, I glued the announcements everywhere where the young man could see them.

By the evening the repentance route has finished it to high school in which the guy studies. Behind strange expression of feelings to Alexander police officers have found.

- you know, what sticking-up of advertisements in Petersburg is forbidden? - Have reasonably asked it. Actions of Skochilenko in appearance fell under infringement of the legislation on advertising. stars The penalty to two and a half thousand roubles.

- Certainly, no. I also did not think that me can punish, - rassterjalas the beginning actress. - what it is advertising?.

the Unusual maintenance of sheets of patrolmen hardly has confused. They have brought Sashu to department, have concerned extremely politely though and it is a little with watchfulness.

- Me have not planted in the chamber, have made room in a corridor, - speaks rasklejshchitsa. - asked amusing questions. For example, from what political organisation I act. Then, having understood and having believed in my history, have politely offered on base to punch phone of the young man. I have refused. More me did not disturb. For now understood with my offence, I read some hours Chekhov.

Then Skochilenko have called on the commission.

- strict people in points There sat and hardly restrained not to burst out laughing, - remembers Sasha. - It agree, a situation comical. Have scolded me for sticking-up, recognised that announcements had no commercial character, and have written out the prevention. Probably, still the bilateral adhesive tape has rescued me from the penalty - sheets easily acted in film. By the way, they have hung all day. Someone has removed them. Perhaps and the young man

If so the original action Alexanders has failed. The man of its dream has not reacted and on communication did not leave. Perhaps, waits for day of sacred Valentine?