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Gennady Seleznev will visit the Cavalry Cossack regiment located in Golitsino situated near Moscow

the Chairman of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev will visit on Saturday, on April, 13th the Kavalerisky Cossack regiment located in Golitsino situated near Moscow.

As have informed " News " in a press - State Duma service, the purpose of a trip of the speaker - to support to unique military division in the MOM when the attention to the question on its disbandment is brought.

in a press - service have noticed that uniqueness of a regiment consists that it occupies exclusive " an ambry " in domestic culture. The regiment has been created in 1962, when 4 feature film shootings " War and peace " the large quantity of horses and the qualified horsemen was required. Life has shown an extraordinary demand of this unusual military unit. W its participation for 40 years are removed nearby 1 tys films, many of which have entered into a treasury of the Russian motion picture arts. Among them - " ABT the poor hussar say a word... " " imperceptible avengers " " Eskadrom the hussar flying " " the White sun of wilderness " " the Cruel romance " " the Siberian barber " and others.

last decade the regiment actually became a reserved place of selection and the exemplary maintenance of horses and mass preparation of horsemen. Acting at sports competitions, its equestrians constantly fill up a collection of cups, medals and sockets.

that is why the question on disbandment of this regiment is not private, and socially significant, basic - ESP in the light of the relation changed recently in our state to sports and culture As have underlined in a press - to State Duma service, Gennady Seleznev who is constantly paying much attention to the most different aspects of life of the country, personally participating in WRK and heading some socially - the political organisations from this proceeds. Seleznev itself is engaged in equestrian sport and is the president of horse-racing club " Konniki Glider ".