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In Indochina Inhabitants of Laos, Thailand, Myanma and Cambodia on Saturday, on April, 13th are going to meet New year

, at midnight will start to celebrate ward 2545 - go New year on buddistskomu to a calendar, the correspondent " passes; News ".

In holidays the main entertainment of all inhabitants of these countries, irrespective of age and estate - to pour fresh water it is as much as possible people, and not only native and familiar, but also ANY1 who will meet on road. Water 4 inhabitants of tropics is a symbol of universal well-being, fertility and blossoming of the nature, freshness of thoughts and cleanliness of kind undertakings.

in Laos a New Year`s feast " Bunpimaj " proceeds from April, 14 till April, 16th. In the first day of festival in ANY1 city and village passes the focal point " Bunpimaj " - Seven most beautiful girls take on streets decorated with flowers and fragrant aromas the cart W serebrjannym a pedestal on which the image of a head W four persons of legendary spirit of Kabinlafoma reposes. According to the ancient legend, it has arrived to the Earth what to offer zaznavshimsja and self-confident people to guess three riddles, and lost lost a head. So proceeded until in a New Year`s feast " Bunpimaj " the wise man of Thammabana has solved all riddles of spirit which has been urged to cut to itself a head. B4 death Kabinlafom bequeathed to the to seven beauties - to daughters eternally to store a head of the father in a silver vase in the deepest cave, differently upon the Earth will fall unprecedented sush. If the head gets to the sea - it will dry up, if on the sky - it 4EVER loses a rain.

After prayers and traditional ceremonies, New Year`s festival proceeds behind a generous house table and leaves on streets, where W music, songs and dances veseljatsja all.