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the President of Chuvashiya has assumed that the law on a turn of the agricultural earths can be accepted this year

the Law " ABT a turn of farmlands " can be accepted this year. Such opinion has voiced on Friday on a press - conferences in Media - the newspaper CTR " News " the president of Chuvashiya, a member of working group of the State Council by the ground Nikolay Fedorov.

as the correspondent " passes; News " Nikolay Fedorov who was taking part in two sessions of working group of the State Council on a turn of the agricultural earths, has noticed that, in its opinion, " 90 percents of regions are ready to support actively this bill ".

As the president of Chuvashiya considers, the law can become " the basic, fundamental tool 4 financial improvement of village ". Necessity of adoption of law of Feodors explains also to that " the turn of the agricultural earths already goes, but in the illegal form ". Under its data, in some regions, ESP in the south of Russia " already there is a buying up of the earths for nothing ".

Nikolay Fedorov considers not basic a question on, a leah it is possible to resolve purchase of the agricultural earth to foreigners. In its opinion, only in Moscow suburbs and in some southern regions of Russia, for example in Krasnodar territory, behind the earth the Q of foreigners " can be built;. At the same time, in its opinion, in the majority of regions " hardly though one foreigner will come behind the earth the next decade ".

the President of Chuvashiya considers what to give the right of the purchase of the agricultural earth to foreigners or its delivery in rent it is possible to give to subjects of federation. The president of Chuvashiya Besides, believes, regions can give the right of definition of a certain transient period during which the law was installed.