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Three persons were lost as a result of intercommunal collisions in Gujarat

Three persons were lost, more than 10 are wounded, including one military man, as a result of proceeding hindu - Muslim collisions in Ahmedabade, the largest city western - the Indian state of Gujarat. In the majority of disctricts of the city the curfew is again entered.

as the correspondent " passes; News " intercommunal collisions proceed already the second MTH, despite presence at staff of divisions of regular Indian army, additional forces of police and groups of QIK reaction. Number of victims, under the different data, the person makes from 900 B4 1,5 tys. The losses suffered by economy of Gujarat as a result of FU, are estimated more, than in 600 million dolarov the USA.

FU in staff have begun after an arson on February, 27th, 2002 group of Muslim extremists of three cars of a passenger train therefore 58 active workers of the extremely nationalist hindu the organisations " were lost; Vishva hindu parishad ".