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In LDN conference on oil and gas problems to Russia and the CIS

In LDN on Monday has opened the international conference on oil and gas problems to Russia and the CIS has opened.

as the correspondent " passes; News " according to the program of conference which will last three days, its participants will discuss a present situation and prospects of development of the Russian oil and gas complex, its legislative maintenance and financing.

carrying out of discussions and round tables on problems of development of the oil and gas industry of the Caspian and Tsentralnoaziatsky regions Is planned 2. The important place at conference will occupy discussion of prospects of realisation of projects on delivery of energy carriers on pipelines from gas fields and oil in territory of Russia, on Caspian sea and in the Central Asia.

Representatives of the ministries and the departments concerning discussed subjects, deputies of the State Duma, heads of some regions will take part In conference from the Russian side, and also a top - managers of the largest corporations of an oil and gas complex. The CIS will be presented on conferences by representatives of the corresponding ministries and thermal power station of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

predictably, from the western business heads of regional representations of a number will participate in conference transnatsionalnah corporations, esperty and the advisers specialising in area of thermal power station.

according to experts in the London City, carrying out of conference on such problematics is rather actual, meaning the interest which has increased recently of the West to reception of power raw materials from deposits on the post-Soviet territory. Such heightened interest obsulovlen certain changes in strategy of the USA and the Western Europe in maintenance questions diversifitsirovannyh sources reception of power raw materials after events on September, 11th in the USA, was noted by experts.