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the Speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov supports perfection of the legislation on local government

. The speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov supports perfection of the legislation on local government, the correspondent " passes; News ".

" the Major, if not most the basic " an element of a civil society Mironov named local government in Russia, acting on Monday on scientifically - practical conference " Municipal unions in new system political and socially - economic co-ordinates.

according to Mironov, for the present it is not thought up more effective tool, allowing to co-ordinate, combine at local level interests of the state and a society. " The local government helps to create a comfortable social and political climate in municipal union territory, in common to search for new resources socially - economic development of region, - the chairman of the upper chamber has underlined.

at the same time he recognised that " unfortunately, in development of the federal legislation on local government there is no progress ". In particular, questions of interaction of public authorities and local government are not settled. There is also a sharp requirement for development of federal laws on support and local government development, the speaker has told.

in this connection Mironov lays hopes in a question of perfection of the legislation on local government on created at the chairman of the council of Federation advice which will consist of the main Legislative Assemblies of regions.

According to Mironov, already in 20 - h dates of May will pass the first session of this advisory body, which " will take real part in legislative process at federal level ".

In scientifically - practical conference representatives of the Federation Council, the State Duma, Presidential Administration take part. The conference purpose is the analysis the experience of legislative activity developed by regions and its use in legislative activity of the Federation Council. Participants of conference plan to define most pressing questions of development of the local government, demanding decisions at level of federal legislature.