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Four years ago the plane Anapa has broken - Petersburg

on August, 22nd, 2006 became a rainy day in the history of the Petersburg aircraft. The flight Ή612 flying on a route Anapa - Petersburg, was wrecked near Donetsk. From 170 persons anybody has not survived.

Onboard They be 154   there were ten crewmen and 160 passengers. The mood at people was raised. One young pair came back after a honeymoon. Many were with children - have spent a holiday on a seashore. Among victims it has appeared fifty small passengers.

- For four years, of course, it was possible to achieve much, - have told “ “ in the organisation “ the Interrupted flight “ created by relatives of victims. - indemnifications the victim have increased from 12 thousand to two millions roubles. And further at other air crashes to people already paid the raised sum. This year with financial support the question has dared at the maintenance of a memorial complex also. It have established   At settlement the Dry Beam and till now contained on personal means of relatives.

But there is also some question which till now it was not possible to resolve.

-   the Room question of the widow of one of the victims, remained with two juvenile children, - problems in " list; the Interrupted flight “. - Increase in pensions to children who have lost of one or both parents in accidents and emergency situations, installation in Petersburg of a monument to the victim.

Till now relatives cannot achieve and     full investigation of all circumstances   tragedies. Has put already some times closed, recognising as guilty crew in the name of the commander of air court Ivan Korogodina,     again opened and again   hid in a long box.  

we Will remind, in the beginning of November of last year the State Office of Public Prosecutor has charged to investigatory committee of Petersburg to renew investigation. Department recognised: actually guilty till now are not found.

« the Consequence does not investigate in full actions of employees of land services which can be involved in failure as have not provided crew with the updated weather report and have not informed on a faulty radar in Kharkov, - is told in the letter. - absence of the full information on the weather phenomena has not allowed to crew to estimate comprehensively dangerous meteoconditions and to affect the decision of the commander in a choice of an echelon, a route of flight and is possible, to avoid wreck. The conclusion that as a true cause of accident certain features They have served is possible be 154 about which the crew could have insufficient idea » (read  destruction of flight Anapa more in detail - Petersburg will investigate anew).

But in the Petersburg Investigatory management with remarks of the State Office of Public Prosecutor have disagreed. Have considered that sufficient work and the reasons is already done to come back to this history, no. However, relatives of victims with them categorically do not agree. So a point in this history to put still early.

Today relatives of victims will gather at a chapel in settlement Small Karlino Lomonosovsky   area of Leningrad region.   right after tragedies have constructed it on means of the teacher     Margaritas Proshkinoj, Alexey Popova`s who was lost in an air crash near Donetsk together with the wife and two children mums. Two years ago about it relatives of other victims have established pominalnye plates.

Some of them will be today near Donetsk and there will remember their close people.


- In 2009 Public organisation « the Interrupted flight » Created by relatives of victims in an air crash of flight 612, has received the Diploma in a special nomination “ Courage to live “ within the limits of the All-Russia festival on subjects of security and rescue of people “ Courage Mia maid “ the spent Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia.

- In 2010   has opened “ the Center of the psychological help to the victim at emergency situations “ in which frameworks it appears free psychological, social both a legal aid to relatives of victims and victims in accidents., and also the various actions directed on support of families of victims in CHS. Victims in the responses recognise the help of the Center rather effective.