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In Magnitogorsk bosses liftovoj the maniac

This epopee in Magnitogorsk proceeds here the second year. In one of disctricts of the city obviously unhealthy person who tests fierce hatred to lifts bosses. Under the screen of night it cuts off food cables, sets fire to booths and pulls out buttons. Destruction scales are great – on its bill not one ten lifts. The vandal with attacks &ndash operates; with wide intervals. Therefore and to catch it it is uneasy – it is not known when the malefactor will have a next attack of rage.

This time the maniac left on hunting after half a year. Inhabitants already were delighted to calm and have sighed easy, but not here that was. One of these days the criminal has put out of action 15 booths. Broke them with a refined sadism – inserted between doors a stick and pressed the course button. Thus, a booth broke off half-and-half. Now thousand tenants go on last floors on foot, and the company on service of lifts sounds alarm.

As passes site Verstov. Info, the maniac began to leave on a note wall. Here the maintenance of one of them: « You will be never better, than I ». All is history is similar to a foolish joke, but the damage from tricks of the vandal totals millions roubles therefore militiamen are urged to be in earnest about its tricks. Against the criminal criminal case is brought, to it threatens till three years of prison. Its searches proceed.

By the way, last year in one of entrances the chamber has removed « liftovogo the maniac » his face have shown in all news telecasts of Magnitogorsk. But anybody and has not identified the stranger. Guards even caught the person similar to the malefactor, but have soon released – at the suspect was an alibi.