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The explosion which has thundered in KBR, has caused a damage on three million roubles

Militiamen of Elbrus area search for malefactors who have arranged yesterday explosion at a teletower. We will remind that the explosive in Tyrnyauze has been put in action in the centre inhabited komleksa. Explosion has hurt under construction repeater. Anybody from people has not suffered.

Under the specified data capacity exceeds 10 kg in a trotyl equivalent. In an hour, after arrival it is investigatory - operative group has worked the second explosive supplied. A clockwork, capacity about two kg in a trotyl equivalent. It has been filled by amazing elements in the form of pieces rublennyj armatures and represented a mix of aluminium powder and ammoniac saltpeter.
- By estimations of experts, the blast wave has left aside from structures standing nearby, a bus stop and grocery shop, otherwise considerable victims and destructions would be not to avoid, - experts of a uniform information centre of law enforcement bodies KBR informed. - As a result of acts of terrorism technical damages were received by a box - the container with the television equipment. The amount of damage the company - the contractor, conducting civil work on object, is estimated in 3 million roubles. End of its building would allow to expand a zone of an announcement of TV KBR on TV channel « the World ».
the Scene is surrounded, sappers - vzryvotehniki UFSB the Russian Federation on KBR, experts &ndash work; criminalists, field services. Investigatory department at OVD on Elbrus area criminal case under several articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation is brought at once.