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By 2013 the Stavropol markets reconstruct

It only a comprehensive plan part on reconstruction of the retail markets, the economic development developed by city committee and trade of administration of Stavropol Territory.

- Only for 1 half-year 2010 by managing subjects in development of the markets and their reconstruction it is enclosed 42 million rubublej capital investments, it is equipped and entered more than 100 modern trading places, - the head of committee Vadim Grebennikov makes comments. - In the last two days on 50 % the park vesoizmeritelnogo and a refrigerating machinery is updated. Today in capital buildings almost 70 % of trading places.
As a whole, the consumer market of a city of Stavropol dynamically develops. In the first half of the year of this year 65 objects by a floor space more than 13 thousand square metres and 24 consumer services establishments of the population are placed in operation. At the expense of it 450 new workplaces are organised.
All for first six months 2010 (in comparison with the corresponding period of last year) the turn of retail trade has increased by 7,6 %, volume of realisation of household services on 6,1 %.