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In Chuvashiya it is finished investigations of the second business about murder of the priest

Tragedy it was played in the house of the priest on May, 3rd this year. Accused, Nikita Komarov being in an alcohol intoxication has come on a visit to the familiar hieromonk. It ministered in a temple of Michael of the Archangel of village Artemenkino of Vurnavsky area. In what – that the moment between them was quarrel. And 22 - the summer guy has put to the master of the house set of the knife wounds. As a result from the received wounds the ecclesiastic has died on the spot. After that Nikita Komarov has stolen from the house of the hieromonk not less than 25 thousand roubles, the laptop, a cellular telephone. The body of the victim was found out in two days by Vadim Smirnova`s relatives.

- On criminal case have been spent it is a little judicial medical examinations. According to the conclusion of Mosquitoes at the moment of murder gave the report to the actions and was not in an affect status. It can appear before court and does not need application of forced measures of medical character, - have informed in investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across Chuvashiya.

criminal case after the statement of the bill of particulars will be passed in the Sovereign court of republic for consideration in essence. The unemployed 22 - summer Nikita Komarova, accuse under two articles of the criminal code of the item « d » ch. 2 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (murder with special cruelty) and the item « in » ch. 2 items 158 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (theft with causing of a considerable damage to the victim).