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In the Voronezh region dismiss more often, than employ

In Rosstate supervision over a situation in sphere of employment of the population of the country in July, 2010 have summed up. According to service, last month the quantity of the employed employees of the organisations has exceeded number of the left workers on 27 thousand persons. However in the Voronezh region return is observed in comparison with all-Russian a tendency.

In our region have dismissed more people, than took for work. So, the local organisations have arranged on vacant posts in July of 6600 persons. And here have asked to release the places of 6700 employees. Nevertheless, in Rosstate notice that in comparison with June of this year in July the Voronezh companies have accepted for 8,3 percent of more people.

In regions of Chernozem region the similar situation on a parity of the accepted and left employees is observed in Kursk and Oryol areas. And here in the Belgorod, Lipetsk and Tambov organisations take for work more person, than dismiss.