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In Petersburg have carried out dream of the patriot: have recovered the Russian flag

Today in Petersburg have carried out dream of the patriot – have recovered trikolor. There have grandiosely celebrated one more red day of a calendar – Day of the Russian flag.

Since the morning on three points, at Gostini dvor, on Senna the areas and in Garden street began to gather volunteers - patriots. To them have given out white, red or dark blue   T-shirts (depending on a place of gathering), balls in hands – also have started up in a way to Admiralty. For the sake of it have blocked three streets – Pea, the Voznesensky prospectus and Neva from Gostini dvor. Together with simple townspeople in a way actors were started up also. In a white column – mimes, clowns and actors under Anvar Libabova`s leadership, in red – actors - « populists » led by Andrey Noskovym, and in dark blue – young sportsmen with Tatyana Kazankinoj.

Three multi-coloured « a stream » Have merged in one deep river at the Aleksandrovsky garden before Admiralty.

Grandiose live trikolor removed from the helicopter.

the White column marched from Gostini dvor.
a photo: Maxim Sju

- Us have asked to wave with balls that from above the flag as though fluttered, - has told « » the participant of events Maxim. – and then we have released balls in the sky!

prior to the beginning of the action organizers admitted « » that want to establish a record – the biggest in the world a live flag. A leah Was possible it, we learn a bit later.

- All has come about five hundred persons, - organizers declared. – likely, many were afraid a rain.

By the way, were afraid of a rain (at night and in the morning in Petersburg there was a downpour) and actors: their magnificent suits have been made of a paper and could collapse. But has managed.

we Think that the record all is established, at least because such still anybody and never like would do.

- At least, in Russia precisely such was not, - have explained « » organizers.

To a word: a record established for Russia. With the book of Ginnesa did not begin to communicate – there, as it has appeared, it was necessary to make an application already for half a year, and on a broader scale it is too much formalities.

Also in honour of Dnja Trikolora a flag prokatali on city centre scooters and bicyclists.

At present in Aleksandrovsk to a garden there is a concert. Its Anna Kovalchuk and its colleague on theatre Lensoveta Alexander Novikov conduct.

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