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Near Saratov dogs defiled in suits of musketeers and wedding dresses

Yesterday, on August, 21st, inhabitants of Engels having opened mouths watched the action which is passing in their city. On Lenin`s area the unusual exhibition of pets has taken place. The most colourful moment of show became kostjumirovannoe a defile of owners with their pupils. At first there was a bride with the doggie — both were in snow-white dresses, and the hairdress of the four-footed favourite even has surpassed the master`s in complexity. Also on a podium dogs - frontier guards and dogs - musketeers have walked, but most of all smiles and an applause has collected severe roker with the tiny glamour doggie an armpit. Some owners have decided not to be limited to suits, and have made to the dogs bodi - art — to someone strizhennye sides and multi-coloured inscriptions, and to someone and a pink heart on the priest. And some, especially utonchenye persons, sported with a varnish on claws.

- we have invited To today`s action not only our visitors, but also all interested persons. Also it seems a feast it has gone right, - organizers of action the zoocenter « rejoice; Correct hearts ».

to Visitors have told about a leaving and training basis, and volunteers from a help society a homeless animal agitated for refusal of cruelty in relation to brothers smaller.