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In the Rostov region the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor forged proofs

To Kamensk - Shahtinsky the Rostov region on a dock there was a former inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor who is accused of falsification of proofs on criminal case. It has occurred more six years ago.

- It is established that Evgenie Loginov during the period from December, 2003 till December, 2004, for the purpose of illegal clearing of a criminal liability of three accused and concealments of real circumstances on criminal case investigated by it about grave crime, forged a number of proofs, - explain in investigatory management SKP across the Rostov region. -   on the basis of what has taken out illegal decisions about the termination of criminal prosecution concerning accused and preliminary investigation stay.

And when about it criminal case became known also have raised already concerning Evgenie Loginov, the former inspector has given lime medical documents that it seriously ill. As a result he should be responded for one   a fake.