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Nikolay Valuev: I Will leave sports or not - will show opening!

on August, 21st Nikolay Valuev has noted the 37 - j birthday in Germany. Right after it German tabloids zapestreli sensational news: « the Russian giant » calls into question the further sports career ». The reason – a trauma of the left shoulder and   a right hand joint. It was supposedly declared by the personal doctor of the heavyweight Walter Wagner. « » has phoned to the sportsman.

- It is not necessary to exaggerate about career, - has asked the correspondent « » Nikolay. – while with it it is clear nothing, and it is not necessary to read tea leaves. Operation – yes, it is necessary. Probably, is closer to the end of September.

As has told « » Valuev, problems were saved a year two. Old traumas had an effect. The boxer had to do anaesthetising pricks often. At last he has decided to be engaged in health seriously.

But an exact picture of how affairs with joints are, doctors can give only after will lay the giant on an operational table.

- As they say, opening will show! – Nikolay jokes.  

Also while there is no saying, the rehabilitation period as Nikolay can soon return to trainings and to big-time sports how much will last. While he does not want to speak about the end of career. But anyway without business does not remain. Valuev today in great demand: and at cinema acts in film, and in advertising, both books writes, and secular actions visits, and is going to stand in SACHS.    

For now he marks with favourite wife Galina « birthday ».

- Galina to you already has presented something? – we have asked.

- Just today wants to present to me something, speaks, it will be a surprise, - the sportsman has responded. – and children remained in Petersburg.

In some days Valuev will return to Northern capital.

the Inquiry « »

On Nikolay Valueva`s bill 52 fights, 50 from them – the victorious. The twice champion of the world in heavy weight under version WBA. Now this rank is carried by Englishman David Hej to whom Nikolay has lost on points.