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Firemen have checked up schools of Ingushetia

All in republic of 111 schools and 6 objects with round-the-clock abiding of children. These are boarding schools นน 1, 4, boarding school for children - orphans, sanatorno - country boarding school, correctional school and mountain military school). Today inspector Gospozhnadzora 117 establishments of education of republic have checked up all. At some schools from this number infringements of requirements of fire security and target dates on their elimination are revealed.

- At schools of Nazran have spent good work on elimination of lacks in respect of fire security, - the chief of UGPN GU tells the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on RI the colonel of internal service Ahmethan Bekov. - affairs in educational institutions of Nazranovsky area is a bit worse are. And here the school in village Datyh since September, 1st will not work, as only one child of school age lives in village.  

the Interdepartmental commissions according to readiness of educational institutions for new academic year have started the duties. The commissions work under the schedules confirmed on places made so that to the beginning of employment check have passed all educational institutions without an exception.